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January 06, 2014

Fresh Hot Potatoes - Pt 5 - Interview with John Carter - LW1309

Why Are There So Many Christian Churches, and How Can I Distinguish Between a True Prophet and a False Prophet? Join International...


December 29, 2013

Why There Is More Than Forgiveness - LW1005

How Many Times Shall We Forgive? Jesus Said, 70 Times 7; But What About Trust?  Is There Forgiveness for the Child Molester?  What...


December 12, 2013

Moses - The Prince of Egypt - LW1007

His Life as The Prince of Egypt, His Foster Mother, the Glory He Refused, His Encounter with the Burning Bush, His Confrontation with...


December 05, 2013

Fresh Hot Potatoes - Pt 4 - Interview with John Carter - LW1308

Does God Forgive, and What Are the Conditions? Also How Should We Treat Homosexuals? Join International Evangelist, Pastor, and Scholar,...


November 27, 2013

Fresh Hot Potatoes - Pt 3 - Interview with John Carter - LW1307

Are Angels and Demons Real, and What Is the Difference Between Protestantism and Roman Catholicism? Join International Evangelist,...


November 14, 2013

Fresh Hot Potatoes - Pt 2 - Interview with John Carter - LW1306

How Should a Follower of Christ Live in Our Racially Divided Society, and How Important Is Marriage and the Home? Join International...


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