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Communist Leader Unwittingly Saves Evangelistic Campaign

March 01, 2019

    Just days ago, a Communist leader in Cuba canceled our evangelistic campaign in a public hall. Permission had been obtained previously by Carter Report Cuban evangelist Pedro. But at the last moment, the official stopped the meetings from going ahead as advertised. Pedro, with The Carter Report American team members Susan and Javier Piraino and Alan De Leon, then obtained the use of a church building a mile from the original...



Flying Higher

A story from Down Under where it's Summer.     "But those who hope in the Lord will renew... Read More

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A Giant Leap Ahead

      GREAT GRACE IS CARRYING US FORWARD Exciting News Across America. "To God be the Glory, great... Read More

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Straight Talk From A Straight Shooter

Why the best days for Evangelism are still to come     JOHN CARTER'S Q & A Q: Why do... Read More

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Open With Care

  Because God cares and you care, we share with you the following stories:   1. CUBA OPENS... Read More

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Our Representative in Communist Cuba

  Meet Juan. He lives in Communist Cuba. He is married to Ada. They have a little girl who is... Read More

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