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Official Carter Report News Release

March 01, 2020

March 2020    OFFICIAL CARTER REPORT NEWS RELEASE.  URGENT... URGENT.  READ NOW!     CORONAVIRUS GOVERNMENT STOPS ALL PUBLIC MEETINGS The Philippine Government has just issued an official warning. Public meetings where large numbers gather will be banned in the Philippines. This is an urgent attempt to stop or slow the spread of the deadly Coronavirus that originated in China. At time of writing more than 45,000 souls are infected and 1,000 have...



Hitman with a Knife WHAT STOPPED HIM?

November 2019 "Today I have been following a man around Manila. I am carrying my knife. Every where he went, I was a few steps... Read More

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Pastor John Carter Answers Questions...

Q: Why Manila? A: We chose Manila because Manila chose us. Q: How did Manila choose you? A: We received an invitation from... Read More

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The Real Solution to the Killings

Editorial by John Carter September 2019 The American nation stands imperiled. Violence seems to be spreading everywhere. Your... Read More

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Dear Fellow Pilgrim, Blessings to you. Here is an update on the great Manila Campaign. As I write, Carter Report volunteer and... Read More

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There is a Solution to Suicides, Mass Killings, and Drug addiction

Girl Escapes Mass Killings Svetlana was a teenage girl when the Nazis came to her town in Ukraine. They marched the entire... Read More

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Will Everyone Be Saved?

Tough Questions, Plain Answers John Carter discusses ideas that risk making the modern Church irrelevant. Are... Read More

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