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April 01, 2017

Telling it as it is, and no political correctness allowed       John Carter answers questions about Putin, Trump, North Korea, the Bomb, Same-Sex Marriage, the Christian Church, Refugees, Evangelism, Fake News, etc., etc.   Q: What do you think about President Trump? A: I think we all should pray for him. See 1 Tim. 2:1-4. If he succeeds, we all succeed.   Q: What about President Putin? A: He is a powerful leader who like our president...



Preaching Christ In Uncertain Times

    WHY WE ARE PLANNING ON GOING TO RUSSIA • BECAUSE of the needs of the people • BECAUSE of... Read More

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Christ Trumps Politics

Preaching Today In Russia     NEWS & VIEWS     LETTERS FROM AROUND THE WORLD   Pastor John Carter,... Read More

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How To Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever

    Victory Special 2017 Your BEST year yet!   DEAR FRIEND,   1. This could be the year when you... Read More

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John Carter's Brush With Death: Escape From The Viper

Year End Special   54 Years Proclaiming the Good News   Dear Friend,   It was a good feeling when our KLM 747-400... Read More

Thrilling Report From The Viper In Cuba

  Dear Believer in Jesus Christ the LORD,   We have just left Cuba where we saw a great manifestation of the power of God. After... Read More

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Castro's Communist Cuba Welcomes The Carter Report

The Carter Report NOW IN CUBA     The Carter Report team is now preaching the Word of God in Communist Cuba. Pastor John... Read More

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