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The Carter Report

May 01, 2018

THE UNEDITED EDITION     QUESTIONS ABOUT AMERICA, POLITICS, GUNS, MURDERS, THE CHURCH, DONALD TRUMP, THE CIA, AND THE GOSPEL. Susan Piraino puts her boss through the hoops, throws a few curve balls, and wonders if she will still have a job. SP: Where do you see America going? JC: One cannot visit Washington DC and see the monuments, museums, libraries, and institutions without an immense sense of pride.  The...



What About the Homeland?

Does no one care?   Dear Friend, “Charity starts at home,” my Mum taught me. By this she meant that we... Read More

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The Coming Financial Earthquake

    THE END OF AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT We Predict - On the Basis of Bible... Read More

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Mission. Message. Education. Outreach.

    01 MISSION "What is the mission of The Carter Report?" is a question I must answer.... Read More

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People Making A Difference

    People matter most, not massive buildings or expensive gadgets, but people. Please allow me to introduce... Read More

Carter Is Back From Russia

His story may surprise you   Q: We know the Jehovah Witnesses have been closed down in Russia by the... Read More

The Latest From Russia

Good News From A Faraway Land   The Carter Report team has just successfully opened an evangelistic campaign in... Read More

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