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November 2006

30,000 Come Forward To Accept Jesus Christ

INDIA Herald Special Carter Report India Update -- THE LATEST NEWS!

44,000 NON-BELIEVERS PACK STADIUM. (Cumulative for 3 Days)

We are now releasing the name of the city where the great campaign is now in progress. The city is Vishakhapatnam, on the Bay of Bengal, India.

The opening date of The Carter Report campaign for Christ and Truth was SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11 at 7:00 p.m.

All classes of society attended, including many intellectuals, government officials, and other leaders.

The meetings are planned to continue for 28 nights at the Indira Preyadareshini Greater Visakha Municipal Corporation Open Stadium. This is a vast open-air arena, the biggest in the city.

Three other Carter Report campaigns are being held simultaneously in the surrounding area.

A large worship center with room for thousands is now being planned for the city of Vishakhapatnam.

Twenty-five other churches are now being built in the surrounding area. The preacher for the city campaign is Pastor John Carter (USA). The other preachers who are speaking to large audiences in the surrounding areas are Pastor Justin Lawman (USA), Pastor Vadim Butov (Russia), and Pastor Geoff Donovan (Australia).

A work for orphans is commencing under the leadership of Beverley Carter.

Costs are in excess of $1.25 million for all four campaigns plus the construction of the many churches. This is more than previously anticipated because the cost of the city worship center is 25 times more than a regular village church.

The Carter Report that is sponsoring this massive outreach to the people of India is a faith-based, self-supporting ministry. Maranatha International with Douglas Clarke and Don Noble is providing the logistical support.


  1. Money for Bibles at $3.00 each (we may need 25,000 Bibles).
  2. Money to pay for the wages of pastors who will care for the new members.
  3. Money to pay for the new village churches at $11,000.00 each church.
  4. Money to help build the great city sanctuary with room for several thousands. The total cost of this church will be over $250,000.00 and will be a FIRST FOR INDIA.


  1. 25,000 Baptisms
  2. New churches for the converts
  3. 25,000 Bibles
  4. Pastors for the new converts
  5. Desperately needed help for the orphans

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, please:

  • Pray for the SAFETY of the TEAM.
  • Pray that the meetings will be allowed to continue.
  • Give financially to keep the lamp of truth burning.

Great things are happening.

History is being made.

Millions are hearing about Christ.

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