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March 2008

March 2008 Newsletter

This message comes to you from Egypt. I am here to investigate and record new discoveries that throw light on the stunning accuracy of the Bible. This amazing information will be shared with large secular crowds that will gather in Guadalajara, Mexico, and Christchurch, New Zealand.

These two cities, so different culturally, historically, and geographically, have invited us to proclaim the great truths of the Bible. It is our strategy to present the compelling evidence of archaeology and prophecy to show that the Bible is more than a work of human devising. We plan to demonstrate that it is God's Word alone that has the solution to our problems.

Guadalajara, Mexico, is a great challenge. It is a prosperous city of around 5,000,000 souls, steeped in the traditions and superstitions of the Roman religion. To the vast majority of these gentle, generous Mexicans, the Bible is a closed book. The pure Gospel of Christ is almost unknown among them. Their religion is a mixture of Christianity, Paganism, and Spiritism. They need to hear the undiluted truths of the Three Angels' Messages. (Rev. 14: 6-12).

As I write, I can still see the faces of the people who crowded the cathedral in Guadalajara to celebrate and worship the statue of the Virgin Mary. The people pressed upon each other and the noise of musical instruments was almost overwhelming. No Bibles here; the people's faces wore dull hypnotic stares. They were deluded, deceived, and mesmerized. As I stood among them, I had a great desire to preach to these lost souls the truth that Jesus, not the Roman Church, is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Raising the money for the Guadalajara evangelistic campaign is one of the biggest challenges of my life. Our trust is in God who gave His Own Son for the people of Guadalajara. As I write, the raising of the money for this great city seems more than I can bear. It must be done, and only the God of Moses who opened the waters of the Red Sea can make it happen. And He will. Please, dear partner in the Gospel, do something great for Jesus today. Let us, you and I and our friends and supporters, give gifts that will enable Christ's Gospel to be proclaimed to these Mexican souls who are in such gross darkness.

I promise you, your gifts will be dedicated for the preaching of the Gospel of Salvation to men and women kept in darkness for generations by power hungry religious leaders who want these people to stay in bondage. Please help light a candle in the darkness. Please write today.

This great Mexican campaign is planned to take place in a few months time. We need now to pay the deposit on the hall, advertising etc., etc. Please help by doing something great for God.

The Christchurch Campaign will take place, God willing, during February 2009. The hall, the best in the city, has already been booked. I have only just returned from the South New Zealand Camp Meeting, and what a true blessing and excitement that was. The New Zealand people have risen to the task and seldom have I seen such a spirit of unity and holy enthusiasm. Great things are about to happen in New Zealand.

Back in the USA, The Carter Report team is busy preparing new television programs for India. We are now on five Indian TV stations and the program is so popular that people are copying the programs and selling them as DVDs at the city market. God has His way even when men try to stop His work. His truth is marching on, Hallelujah!

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