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May 2008

Partner in the Gospel

The TV commentators and newspaper reporters are in full cry, Bad times are coming. We are going into recession."  These prophets of doom and gloom know that the worse the news the better the sales and the bigger the audiences.

Good news hardly rates a mention. Why tell a really good story when some disaster, real or fictional, will bring in the dollars by increasing the readership or viewership? We may be in for a recession, (or more likely a slowdown!) but that will actually work for our good (Romans 8:28).

Let me tell you why.  There are two kinds of people who profess Christ:

  1. Those who doubt what they believe and believe what they doubt, and
  2. Those who doubt what they doubt and believe what they believe.

The second group are the winners, recession or boom times. They know that, whatever the circumstances, God's blessing changes things. A true believer will not only survive bad times he or she will actually thrive. Joseph was in a recession when Potipher tossed him into prison because of his wife's accusations. When they put his feet in the stocks, there didn't seem to be much promise of prosperity. BUT, God was with him (Read Genesis 39:19-23). Everything Joseph did prospered because God blessed him.

So there you have it. God's blessing makes all the difference. That doesn't mean we won't have tough times, but it does mean that we will come out on top through them. How can I receive the bountiful blessing of God? The Bible tells me God blesses the man or woman who puts Him first, who is obedient to the Lord's Commandments, whose faith does not wither when the sun gets hot, and is faithful in the giving of "tithes and offerings."

"Test me in this," says the Lord Almighty, "and see if I will not throw open the flood gates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it." -- Malachi 3:10

Imagine not enough room in your house because the blessing is too big!

Don't doubt what you believe and believe what you doubt. Doubt doubts and believe your beliefs.

We need to raise the sum of $1,500,000.00 during the next few months. That will televise the entire evangelistic series in Spanish around the globe. The Spanish people, long held in bondage to the Papacy, are ready for the true Gospel — the really GOOD NEWS of a dying, risen, and returning Christ. Please dear friend, accept with me the challenge of taking the Lord Jesus Christ to the masses. Let your faith rise to the challenge and be prepared to receive the blessing too big to fit in your house!

Please write today. Be a part of God's miracle of blessing as we together live our faith. Remember we have four months to raise 1.5 million dollars. God is able.

Thank you for your faithfulness. God has a great blessing waiting for each of us. Thank you for writing and for your decision to, "doubt your doubts and believe your beliefs." God richly bless you over and beyond all you can ask or think.

Amazing Trip

We have just returned from an amazing trip through the Middle East. We videotaped the treasures of King Tut, the tomb of Tutmose III (the possible Pharoah who fought Moses), the mummy of Hatshepsut (believed to be the foster mother of Moses), and many other wonders. You will see it all later on, when we catch our breath. David was delivered from a dangerous situation in Israel when his room was broken into and our cameras (insured) stolen. As the Israeli policeman said to us, "There is no security anywhere in Israel." That's also true around the world; our only security is in God. Time is running out for this world -- judgment day is fast approaching. Let us work while we can.

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