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November 2010

Carter Report Campaign – Full Steam Ahead

The Johannesburg Campaign has left the station and is building up steam. Marvelous crowds of South Africans who would seldom venture unnecessarily beyond the safety of their fortress like homes are thronging the meetings. All this has taken the locals by surprise.

Security is a big issue in Joburg. Most of the homes are surrounded by high fences topped with electric wires, barriers that hopefully deter violent criminals. If one can avoid unnecessary risks in Joburg one does so, but fear of muggings and carjacking has not deterred the thousands who nightly fill the seats in the prestigious Mosaiek Theatre.

Pastor John Carter is the speaker and his powerful prophetic messages are being carried live each evening by Hope and 3ABN. Not only are thousands listening spellbound to these unique presentations in the theatre, but thousands are also watching at “Down-Link” centers across South Africa.

Many others are watching across North America and right around the entire planet. You may pick up the live telecast in the USA on 3ABN at noon central time or 10AM Pacific Time.

Please support the Carter Report Team with your prayers and offerings to help keep the light burning in darkness.

***To log on to Hope for a live streaming of the Carter Report, at 12PM Central Time USA, the web site address is: www.hopetv.org

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