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March 2010

It's Later Than You Think

You sense it everywhere you go, a vague sense of uneasiness. Nobody seems to be certain what they are expecting, or not expecting. It is more in the realm of a foreboding that we are teetering on the edge of a precipice, and the wind is coming up.

The Tea Party people have bought into the general discontent. “Government is broken”, we are told, but there is the growing suspicion that Washington is only part of a much bigger problem. Some would say it is a crisis of faith. The old beliefs have been eroded away and we are finding that our clever substitutes are in reality sinking sand. There is not much comfort in non-belief, when the bottom falls out.

The greatness of America was founded upon certain well-reasoned assertions. Because we were created by a loving God who cared for people, people were consequently important. We were therefore born with a divine right to freedom and the pursuit of happiness. But with the demise of the Divine, there has also come the demeaning of the human. One wise man who studied historical developments observed, “God died in the nineteenth century and man in the twentieth.” Witness the holocaust in Germany and the Gulag in the U.S.S.R.  It is apparent that the dethroning of God always leads to the degrading of man, and that is exactly what we are seeing today.  The grief and uncertainty that millions of ordinary Americans are currently experiencing, while a small group of unscrupulous but legal crooks pay themselves billions in bonuses, is a sign of the times. People are of no consequence in a society where greed is king and God is a part-time two-bit player.

The rebirth of national greatness is, as with the individual, always preceded by a rebirth of spiritual values. Those values are enshrined in the Bible, a book that has endured every fad and philosophy imaginable. Ideas such as the uniqueness of man because he is made in God’s Own image, and a sure and certain hope that we have a heaven to look forward to, take away the gnawing anxiety that afflicts millions around us. Getting back to truths that have endured as long as the everlasting hills is the most important thing we can do. We should not put it off. It is later than we think.

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