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June 2010

Opening Doors

Many years ago as a young minister in Australia I told God, “I will go anywhere you open the door.” Since that time, He has been opening doors around the world. As I have walked through those doors, I have seen His power and glory.

He opened a door to Russia and we saw multitudes of lost men and women find life and hope.

He opened a door to Ukraine and we witnessed thousands baptized in the Dnieper River that flows through old Kiev.

He opened a door to India and we were amazed as we watched vast crowds of Hindus and Moslems surge forward to accept Christ.

Just recently He has started opening a door to Communist China. We have just finished meetings in Hong Kong with Christian leaders from across that vast continent. We are confident that this door, with China written over the lintel, will burst open, and glorious will be the results.

Right now, as I write, a new door is opening and this door leads to the very heart of Africa.

Africa, the very name conjures up images of stampeding elephants, roaring lions, fierce Zulu warriors, and vast numbers of restless people “without hope or God in the world.” (Ephesians 2)

For centuries, Africa was a land of heathen deities—vast, unexplored, wild, perilous, and forbidding. Then came Livingstone, Moffat, and other brave Christian teachers. Alas, a horde of slave traders also descended like vultures upon the “Dark Continent.” While Livingstone fought to free the Africans, the slave traders fought to trap, exploit, and sell them. When slavery was finally expelled, the great powers of Europe divided Africa up into spheres of special interest. For generations, Africans have suffered, not only at the hands of foreigners, but at the hands of local despots. It is a long story, written in blood.

There is only one solution to Africa’s poverty, pain, and plagues. That solution is Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life. Never forget, the preaching of the Gospel is the greatest antidote to all the ills that afflict the human race. (John 10:10)

John Wesley said, “Go not only to those who need you, but those who need you most.” Africa needs us most.

Johannesburg is a vast teeming metropolis, where 25% of the people have AIDS. Crime is rampant. Yet it is the host city for the upcoming WORLD CUP. For a full month, the eyes of the world will be upon Jo’burg, and a billion television viewers will watch the game of soccer.

We have been invited to come to Jo’burg with a message that explains the game of life. That message is that there is a God who suffered in our place so that every one of us may be a conqueror, a winner, and live forever.

The hall has already been booked. We are now preparing the advertising. A great team of South Africans are right now working with dedication and passion to prepare the soil for the Gospel seed. The dates for the campaign are November 8 through December 4. The meetings will be telecast LIVE across the country with a potential viewing audience of millions. How exciting!

Africa needs our help, and the best way we can help Africa is with the Gospel of Christ.

I know that God will enable you to give a gift for this great JO’BURG MISSION. Remember, there is no recession with God, and His bank cannot fail. (Philippians 4:19)

Please help me raise a million dollars within the next sixty days for evangelism. God blesses us according to our faith. Jesus said, “According to your faith, be it unto you.” Think of the impact upon the lives of thousands, perhaps millions, of people in Africa.

Please write today and may God bless you over and beyond all you can ask or think. Now is the time for Africa. Thank you in Jesus’ name.

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