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February 2010

Something to Think About

There are two expressions, one very, very old, and the other more recent.  The first is from the Good Book that reads, “…be sure your sin will find you out.” (Numbers 32:23)  The second, from an unknown author, warns, “Chickens come home to roost.”

One needs to think clearly in the present crisis.  While one can get lost in toxic assets and all the other mumbo-jumbo out of that vipers pit called Wall Street, it is good to remember that there usually is a simple answer to the problems that clever men have made complex.  The real villains that lurk in our financial institutions, our banks, and insurance companies, are little devils called greed, stupidity, lust, and incompetence.  When these little monsters possess the hearts of flailing men and women, you can be sure that the chickens are on their way and the sin of many is about to be revealed.

It had to happen and it’s not over yet.  The worst is still to come.  Burgeoning government, fiscal irresponsibility, out of control spending, and astronomical deficits remind us of the crazy days before the collapse of the Roman Empire.  History has a way of repeating itself because we have a way of repeating the follies of those who watched the decay and collapse of mighty empires.

Yes, the chickens are on their way and our sins, personal and national, are finding us out

The only redeeming feature of this sorry scenario, marked, “Made in America” is that the worst and blackest times are just before the dawn.  Bible prophecy describes times such as ours with the added comment that the birth pangs (Matthew 24:8) are harbingers of a new day when Christ returns to clean up the mess.  Now is the time to personally rid ourselves of those sins that bring down empires and individuals.

The good news of Christ is that there is forgiveness when we turn to Him and do our best to make things right.  Maybe Wall Street has gone too far to listen, but for you and me there is still an open door.

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