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April 2011

April 2011 Newsletter - PROPHECY ALERT

Dear Friend,

I have seen the results of Chernobyl in Ukraine. I have seen the deformed babies, the cancers, the sinister poisoning of millions. I did not expect to see nuclear disaster in Japan, the world’s third largest economy. I did not expect to see this nation reeling from catastrophe upon catastrophe upon catastrophe, two strokes from nature and one from human error.

Chernobyl baby

The earthquake registering 9.0 on the Richter scale was more than we can imagine, at least 8,000 times more ferocious than the Christchurch quake. The tsunami that followed was apocalyptic, terrifying and awful to behold. It was like a devouring monster.

Both these calamities pale before the specter of nuclear poisoning—invisible, insidious, and inescapable.

Disaster Scene

The first mistake was having the pumps that cool the reactors dependent on the Japanese power grid. It is like having your life-support system dependent on our local power company here in Southern California. When demand is excessive, Mr. Edison just turns off the power. That’s OK when it’s only your light. It’s not good when it’s your life! So when the power grid in Japan went down because of the earthquake, the nuclear facility with its radioactive rods was left dependent on the emergency generators. The bad news, however, was that the engineers who had designed the system had installed the generators down low. When the wave swept in, the generators were wrecked. The next to the last line of defense was batteries. They gave their best, but as we all know, batteries quickly die. The last hope was to pump seawater onto the nuclear core, getting hotter by the second. This desperate move was all that stood between Japan and disaster on a Chernobyl magnitude.

Disaster SceneWhat next? We knew from Bible prophecy there would be great earthquakes, pestilences, plagues, and fearful sights. Jesus told us so. But somehow we have wanted Jesus to come without all the fuss. We wanted peace and prosperity, and then Jesus to lift us gently to the skies.


Not long ago I was told, “We don’t want any sermons for our television network that are prophetic, plain, or doctrinal. We don’t want to say anything that could possibly offend anyone. Once again, no doctrines.”

Quite frankly, friend, those words remind me of the smooth sermons that were preached by the false prophets of Old Testament times. It is my conviction that the signs of the times demand sermons that come hot from the heart of God. I believe that now is the time to preach the great Christ-centered truths of the Three Angels’ Messages, and to call lost sinners to repentance. Thank God for 3ABN and others who preach the whole truth in love.

What next? Jesus said there would be persecution. He said to expect a time of trouble such as never was. He said the majority in the Church would fall away and become our most active enemies. He said that the glorious Good News of the Kingdom would be preached in all the world. He also said that He would return and His people would receive their everlasting reward. It makes you want to remain faithful, doesn’t it? “Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King,” and “that will be glory, glory for me.”

God is trying to get our attention.

Please stand with us in this preaching of great distinctive Gospel truths. A lot of pressure is coming upon us to quit. Please let your voice be heard, and please write to me today. Please give your best gift for the powerful, prophetic, doctrinal preaching of Christ the Lord. Just think, “What next?”

Please write today and may His peace bless your good heart.

Yours in the Blessed Hope,

John Carter The Carter Report Ministry


“For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.” ~2 Timothy 4:3,4.

When you send your gift, please request my DVD entitled, “The Great Antichrist of Bible Prophecy” (Please quote this number when requesting your DVD: LW1104*). Please write today.

*All gifts to this ministry are tax-deductible as defined by U.S. Treasury regulations. The fair market value of my DVD is $15.00 and all tax-deductible receipts will be in accordance with U.S. Treasury regulations. The DVD is a gift to you, but according to the tax-laws of the IRS is not tax-deductible. The market value is $15.00 and your receipt will reflect the tax requirements of the IRS.

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