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September 2011

Strange World of the Occult - Action Report

25,000 Plus Attend Nightly

Dear Mum:

We had another big night with about 25,000+ people attending this evening. The topic tonight, was the 'Strange World of the Occult.' It has been dry every day and night.....so we have been very fortunate so far.....the programme tonight was broken into two parts....'Life After Death' and then a seperate talk on the 'Spirit World.' When the talk on the 'Spirit World' started, the sky opened up and the rain started coming down....and it continued until dad started to pray. The rain stopped and dad ending up having another alter call. Thousands came forward again. The video projectors and the sound system all stayed on thru the rain. This was a major concern, but everything seemed to be OK. We have three more nights to go. The meetings have had a huge impact on the city. When we go down the street, everyone knows who we are. Everyone thanks us for coming here.....

Its been another 14 hour + day over here, and we are all very tired.

Please continue to pray for the meetings. It's not over yet.....and someone (Lucifer) is not happy with us....


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