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July 2012

Attendance crosses 100,000 mark

More than 100,000 people attended the third night of John Carter’s evangelistic program in Port Moresby.

The Sir John Guise Stadium was so full there was no room to move. People sitting on the grass of the football field were packed far closer together than on the opening night. Plus thousands more were unable to get in and stood outside near their cars listening.

Attendance has seen strong growth on each of the three nights so far as word-of-mouth encourages more people to come. The attendance figures are:

            Friday night: 70,000.

            Saturday night: 80,000 to 85,000.

            Sunday night: 100,000+.

This attendance is about a quarter of the entire population of the city of Port Moresby. People from all over Papua New Guinea are starting to hear about the meetings from friends and are coming to the capital city to attend. So attendance for the next meeting and for the next few nights may continue to increase.

Tonight’s meeting is the third night in a row that John Carter has set a personal milestone – speaking to the largest audience in his 50 years as an evangelist.

“Please pray for us at this time of challenge,” says Pastor John Carter. “The need is urgent. Pray! Pray! Pray,” he said.

The meetings continue for another 14 days.


REPORT WRITTEN 1am Monday July 30, 2012 Port Moresby time. 8am Sunday California time.

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