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August 2012

Baptism figure could increase

John Carter’s Port Moresby campaign has already baptized almost 3000 people. Now another 3000 want to be baptized as well.

At his final meeting Pastor Carter asked those who had just been baptized to raise their hands. Then he asked those who hadn’t been baptized but wanted to be baptized to raise their hands. There were more hands raised the second time than the first.

John estimates more than 3000 raised their hands to be baptized. Although Pastor Carter is about to leave Port Moresby, baptism services will be held for these people after he goes.

The last meeting here in the Papua New Guinea capital city was about Heaven. One of its unexpected features was a large white bird that looked like a dove.

This bird first appeared a few days earlier when John was preaching about the Holy Spirit. He had a picture of a white dove on the giant screens around the Sir John Guise Stadium. And at that exact time, this white bird circled above the meeting. Thousands thought the coincidence was amazing. Others thought it was more than a coincidence.

On the stage John could see the people were looking up at something. But he didn’t know what it was. After the program, people started telling him about the white bird – many called it a big white dove. Some of those who told John that they’d seen it were very reliable people. So John realized it must have happened.

As Pastor Carter was about to walk on the stage for the last meeting on Saturday night, he caught a momentary glimpse of the white bird. It had come back. He walked onto the stage and asked the audience how many of them had seen it. Every hand was raised. They had all seen it.

John says the altar call at the end of this final Port Moresby campaign was the biggest he has ever seen. In fact, almost every day of the Port Moresby meetings he saw something bigger than he’d ever seen in his 50 years as an evangelist. This has been an amazing series of meetings. God has moved in a powerful way here.

If you are one of the Carter Report’s financial supporters, thank you. This huge success wouldn’t have been possible without you. In Heaven’s eyes, part of the success here at Port Moresby is yours.

If you are yet not a supporter and would like to be, ask for John Carter’s free newsletter. Click on the home page here on this website, then scroll down a little. in the right hand column you’ll see a form you can fill in to receive free copies of the newsletter. There’s no personal details to fill in. There’s no embarrassment. You only fill in your name and email address. Then you will receive John’s newsletter. It will let you know about his next amazing adventure for God. And if you want to be part of it, you can be.

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