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September 2012

Battle Cry: Second Report From The Front Lines of John Carter's Campaign

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An army of born-again souls marched into the sea at Ela Beach, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, publicly confessing Christ as Lord. Fifty pastors waited for them as John Carter stood on the back of a truck perched precariously on an outcrop of rock overlooking the ocean. As Pastor Carter raised his right arm, 50 ministerial arms were raised as the pastors baptized the new believers in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Tens of thousands witnessed the remarkable event from the beach and surrounding hillsides. Tony Kemo, president of Central Papua Conference said, “We have opened a new chapter in the history of the nation.”


LATEST UPDATE: On the Sabbath, a week after the baptism, the churches were overcrowded — not enough room for the new members. Pastor Cameron, local PNG coordinator writes, “We had a wonderful Sabbath...there was not enough room to accommodate the influx created by The Carter Report...We are astonished by the stories...”


We give glory to God! Never have we seen crowds like this. Starting with around 70,000 souls, the audience grew night by night as the name of Christ was magnified. Soon 100,000 souls were crowding the stadium and the area around it. So great was the interest that a side meeting was started with the preaching thrown on a third screen by a giant projector. President Tony Kemo declared after one session, “Tonight we had 120,000 souls with us in attendance.” Leaving the stadium was a challenge as the roads were blocked for miles. Thousands of pedestrians thronged the sidewalks while trucks transported capacity loads of excited humanity.

Jesus said, “Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch.” Luke 5:4


On Thursday night, John Carter preached to a multitude on the “Unpardonable Sin.” This powerful topic explains the work of the Holy Spirit, the Heavenly Dove, who is the regenerating agent in the salvation of lost souls. As the evangelist invited the Holy Spirit to take over the meeting, an amazing event occurred, as many later testified. A huge white dove flew low over the audience. Two nights later, with 120,000 plus souls in attendance, the great white bird returned. Gasps and cries of joy filled the air as the great multitude rejoiced that God had visited His people.


“There were nights when before the meetings I felt truly exhausted. I am no longer a boy. I have been at this for more than 50 years and the pressures of running a big campaign are enormous. What the audience sees is just the tip of the iceberg; there are a thousand items that must be taken care of. This has a tendency to draw down the stores of energy, and leave one enervated. One night I felt too weak to preach and felt the oppressive power of evil forces. I was fully conscious that we were involved in a desperate conflict with evil spirits, and knew that Satan was working hard to destroy us. When I walked out on the stage, feeling weary and weak, I suddenly became aware that the life giving, enabling, Spirit of God had fallen on me. My weakness was gone. I was filled with supernatural power and blessed with a clear and ready mind. Thoughts coursed through my brain, and the words poured out of my mouth. The audience sensed that God was speaking through me, and responded powerfully to the message.

I testify to all who have ears to hear, ‘I have seen, felt, and experienced the power of God. I know with all my heart that God is alive and working for the salvation of souls.’”

“If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. NOTHING WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU.” Matthew 17:20


So said the Australian government. It was election time in Papua New Guinea and riots and bloodshed were expected. Blood had flowed at the previous election and it did not look good when the police barred us from the outdoor stadium when we arrived for the setup. They told us, “It’s not safe. You can’t go in. There have just been riots and you could be injured or even killed.” But after a day’s wait, our team did get in and went into action. When the meetings got underway, the restraining power of the Holy Spirit took over, not only the stadium but, the whole city. An amazing peace prevailed, and the counting of the votes proceeded without a murmur of dissent. The whole nation held its breath, but not a drop of blood was shed. The preaching of the Gospel of peace brought peace to Papua New Guinea when political pundits had predicted the very opposite. “To God be the glory, great things HE has done.”


Twelve government parliamentarians, newly elected, came to The Carter Report meetings with the request, “Pray for us.” Pastor Carter and leaders of the Papua New Guinea Church laid hands on the heads of these supplicants, and besought God to bless them as they pledged to obey the holy laws of God.


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During the massive altar call at the final Saturday night meeting, another 3,000 souls requested baptism. Pastor Carter asked the people to raise their hands if they had been baptized that morning and some 2,850 hands were raised. He then asked how many others wanted to confess Christ in baptism and 3,000 hands were raised as the Holy Spirit powerfully bore witness to His Word.

The victory in Port Moresby was glorious but the battle goes on. Support real evangelism by helping us to raise $300,000.00 for follow-up.



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On the final Saturday night when the giant dove returned and was seen by the great congregation, the mighty life giving Spirit of God was present. John Carter preached with the anointing of Heaven and later testified that he felt the mantle of God’s power fall upon him. As he gave the altar call, inviting the lost to come to Christ and be baptized, a dam of Pentecostal power seemed to burst. The people, once slow to move, poured like a overflowing stream down the front. At least 10,000 souls packed into the area around the stage, while tens of thousands, unable to move, raised hands in prayer. Pastor Harold Harker said, “In more than 50 years of ministry, I have never seen anything like this.” Pastor Tony Kemo was invited by the evangelist to join him on the giant stage and confessed, “This is a modern day Pentecost. Praise God.”

The carnal heart says, “Seeing is believing.” Jesus says, “Believing is seeing.” See John 11:40


Well begun is not done — the battle goes on. We now need faith partners who will help us raise $300,000.00 to broadcast the entire series across the nation. When we edit and produce the amazing Papua New Guinea TV evangelistic series, we will give the entire series of DVDs to all who donate $1,000.00 or more. We are ready now to go to work. Partners are needed.

Attitudes are more important than facts.”


Just before leaving Port Moresby, John Carter met with The Honorable Peter O’ Neill, Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea and his team of Cabinet members. Pastor Carter was received as an honored guest and after a time of conversation, prayed for the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, and members of the Cabinet. The campaign touched not only the lives of those attending the meetings, but its influence was nationwide. The Prime Minister said, “You have blessed the whole nation. Thank you so much for coming.”


Lives changed, evil forces beaten back, the faith of thousands restored, sinners converted, a nation shaken, lawlessness restrained, and Christ glorified! We stand in awe, and shout from the housetops, “Thy right hand, O Lord, hath gotten us the victory.”


The whole series in the Sir John Guise Stadium was televised by our TV crew from the U.S.A. We now need to edit this Holy Spirit anointed series of truth packed messages, and get them on television right across the entire nation of Papua New Guinea. This is of vital importance. We must follow up what God has started. We now need faith partners who will help us raise $300,000.00 for this nation changing project.


In Papua New Guinea, our team was in battle mode. Some team members did 18-hour days to make it all happen. We salute them: John and Beverley Carter, David Carter, Harold and Glenda Harker, Susan and Javier Piraino, John and Beth Kosmeier, Donn Beagle, Don Sforcina, Bob Ludwig, James Venegas, Carlos Leon, Rick Eisleben, Bart Parr, Jose and Elsa Sulgatti, Eteuati Feau, Rick Layson, Lee Yarbrough, Wayne Hackett, Willie Garcia, and Daniel Burgos.

Please join our team of faith partners. Please keep the light of truth burning. Please support REAL EVANGELISM by giving your very best gift today. “Our eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord, His truth is marching on.”

Please write to John Carter today and please include your gift. Please hold out the lifeline to these lost souls. Please don’t forsake us at this time. We need your prayers and your gifts of grace. The Lord needs soldiers now. THANK YOU IN THE NAME OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Please write now to John Carter, PO Box 1900, Thousand Oaks, CA 91358, USA.
In Australia write to John Carter, PO Box 861, Terrigal, NSW, 2246, Australia.
For your convenience, you can also donate online at cartereport.org.

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