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July 2012

This campaign is much harder

The Carter Report program starting in 34 hours is proving to be much more difficult than other campaigns.

One reason is that it is at an outdoor venue. "Being outdoors is many times harder, says Beverley Carter. Extra care is needed to protect the equipment. Meetings can be hit by showers and storms. And they are not in a purpose-built venue that has everything needed to make a meeting run smoothly.

A second difficulty for the campaign that starts Friday night (local time) is that it is much larger. Being larger amplifies the problems. And this project in Papua New Guinea so far has faced many more problems than previous projects.

“It seems that it is the devil’s challenge to stop us,” Beverley Carter said. “We are praying and working. It is no use praying if you don’t work as well. There’s that old saying ‘We work as if everything depended on us. Then we pray as if everything depended on God’,” she said.

The program starting in about 34 hours is the largest that the Carter Report has ever attempted. 3ABN Founder Danny Shelton predicts this Port Moresby program could baptize as many people as all of John Carter's Russian programs combined.

That's a lot of people. For 20 years, John ran programs each year in the former USSR with an average of 1000 baptisms a year. So if Danny Shelton is right, we are heading for 20,000 bapisms in Port Moresby.

John Carter, on the other hand, is not making any predictions. He's just doing the hard work and leaving the results in God's hands.

In the next 34 hours, please pray for good weather for the opening meeting. Please pray that God will bring people to the meetings. Please pray that our staff will have the skill to resolve the many unusual problems that are arising. And please pray that the Olympic Games will not lure people away from attending the subsequent meetings.


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