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July 2012

Carter stands on missionaries' shoulders

Evangelist John Carter is currently on a Virgin Airlines jet, about to land in Papua New Guinea, the largest island in the South Pacific.

On Friday night he will step on a stage in the capital city of Port Moresby with probably 100,000 people in front of him. In fact, organisers are preparing to cater for an audience of to 200,000 people.

Sixty local churches in Port Moresby are helping to support this giant project. It has the potential to be the largest evangelistic campaign in 2000 years of Christian Church history.

We asked John Carter how he felt about speaking to such a large crowd and the tone of his answer was an expression of great humility.

“One needs to be careful from a spiritual viewpoint to avoid any sense of glorying in the results of this campaign,” he said. “Unfortunately, there is so much glorifying of self in the religious world. I’ve had a little talk to the Lord about this one and the glory needs to go to the Lord.

“I feel that in anything that is done, I am simply standing on the shoulders of the great missionaries who paved the way in Papua New Guinea. I’ve met so many of these guys, and they’ve all made this possible. If we have a large crowd, it will be the result of many people making a contribution – especially the pioneer missionaries who went there so many years ago,” he said.

Pastor Carter’s opening meeting will be on the subject of archaeology proving the Bible true. The now-retired Californian pastor has used this subject to set Adventist evangelistic attendance records on five continents.

Despite the huge success of this topic and its astonishing advertising, people keep saying this approach is too old fashioned. “Wherever I go people tell me, ‘Don’t start on those subjects. It won’t work here.’ But it pulled record crowds in India, which is not a Christian country. It attracted a record crowd in the Solomon Islands just last year. In Russia it attracted the largest secular audience to ever attend a religious meeting. And in Los Angeles it attracted the largest audience to ever attend an Adventist evangelistic program in North America,” he said.

This unusual approach to evangelism in was pioneered in Australia. It attracted an audience of 12,000 people in Melbourne and attracted 18,000 to Sydney Opera House. These are the two largest ever attendances at Adventist evangelistic campaigns in Australia.

This advertising has never failed anywhere in the world so we are confident in God that it will bring huge crowds to the Port Moresby meetings. Please pray daily for God's blessing on this project.

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