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July 2012

Greatest meeting in my life

Tonight’s Carter Report meeting in Port Moresby didn’t just astound the audience. It also astounded John Carter himself.

“This is the greatest meeting I’ve been in in my life,” he said.

Pastor Carter preached on “Christ, the man who wrote his own life story before he was born.” Then he made an altar to an audience even larger than the previous night’s 110,000. After this Christ-centered meeting, so many wanted to respond but couldn’t come forward to Carter’s altar call. There were too many people packed in front of them for them to move.

John Carter wasn’t the only one deely affected by tonight’s astonishing meeting. Pastor Harold Harker the program’s MC has himself been a preacher for 50 years. He was also astounded. “This was the greatest audience response I have ever seen,” he said.

“God be praised. The Spirit of God was here. Jesus was lifted up and people were drawn to him. I just can’t describe the audience response. It was great. It was the quietest audience you would see anywhere in the world. It’s a marvellous group. They’re a happy group. And they’ll be back. All the blood, sweat, and tears organizing the program was all worthwhile,” he said.

Beverley Carter also noticed the exceptional nature of tonight's meeting. "We could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit," she said.

"What a powerful and emotion-filled night," said Susan Piraino, who has worked at 20 Carter Report series. ""Pastor Carter was filled with the Holy Spirit. He was on fire. The crowd was captivated by the uplifting of Jesus Christ.  It was amazing to witness. It was probably the most exciting and powerful meeting I have witnessed in my 20 years with the Carter Report ministry," she said.

Pastor Carter gave 15 Old Testament predictions about the Messiah and showed how those predictions were fulfilled in the life of Jesus. He then gave a vivid description of the life and death of Christ. Dozens of pictures on the big screens helped illustrate this -- the most wondrous event in world history.

There are four giant screens used at the meeting. They have become something of a tourist attraction, with cars driving slowly to look at them as they go past during the day. And at night the screens do their job presenting Christ to the people.

There may have been 10,000 or 20,000 people outside the venue tonight. All of them can hear the meeting, but not all of them can see the screens. So organisers are considering erecting another giant screen for those outside the Stadium.

The four screens are almost certainly the largest screens in the entire nation of Papua New Guinea. So building another screen on short notice will be a major task.

But we do have a giant projector here that can do the job. We brought five projectors from the USA when we only needed four. The extra one was a spare in case there was a failure. Now it might come out of its packing case and do an unexpected job sharing the Gospel with the overflow audience.

Please pray that the Carter Report team wil have the skil and wisdom, and can find the finance to properly care for this extraordinarly overflow audience.

REPORT WRITTEN 9 p.m. Tuesday July 31 2012 (Port Moresby time). 4 a.m. Californian time.

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