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August 2012

How the Sabbath Day was changed

John Carter’s presentation in Port Moresby tonight was on the change of the Sabbath.

Many thousands in the audience had no idea that Sunday sacredness didn’t come from Scripture.

Pastor Carter clearly showed that the change from the Saturday Sabbath to Sunday was not authorized in the Bible. It didn’t come from God. It didn’t come from Jesus. And it didn’t come from the disciples. In fact, the Bible predicted in Daniel 7 that mere humans would think they could change God’s Law.

John showed from history how the church substituted Sunday for God's Sabbath Day. He led the audience to decide if they preferred to follow the traditions of the church, or the Bible.

Three times he asked if they wanted to follow tradition. Three times the audience shouted, “No,” shouting louder each successive time John asked them.

John then showed the audience an American flag. Some could claim it is just a piece of cloth. But it is much more than that. It stands for freedom. The nation is loyal to it.

Then John showed the Port Moresby audience their own Papua New Guinea flag. And the audience cheered. Again John suggested that some people may say it is just a piece of cloth. But it stands for much more. It stands for its people’s independence and freedom. The nation is loyal to it.

John then applied the flag illustration to God’s Sabbath day. The Sabbath is like a nation’s flag. Some people may claim it is just another day. But it is more than that. The day is a symbol set up by our Creator, the one who made us and who loves us. We should be loyal to it.


You probably know that we have a crisis trying to keep the Carter Report buses on the road. There are 300 buses bringing people to the meetings, but the money to provide them is running out.

The good news about this is that there is no Carter Report meeting tomorrow (Monday) night in Port Moresby. It is a scheduled day off. This gives you an extra day to make a donation to keep buses on the road.

Each local church in Port Moresby is paying for buses to bring people from their area to the meetings. But for many of these churches, the money has dried up. So John Carter has launched an appeal to help these churches keep their buses running.

You can make a donation now by clicking on the yellow “Donate To Make A Difference” icon at the top right of this screen. Select the "evangelism" option. And fill in the relevant details. You donation may pay to bring people to a meeting that will change their lives. Someone may be in Heaven because of your donation.

Not only will your donation help keep the buses running. It will also give the local churches funds to care for the many new people who will start attending in just two weeks’ time.

Please make a donation, big or small. And please let your friends know about this so they too can help solve this crisis.

REPORT WRITTEN 11.55 p.m. Sunday August 5, 2012 (Port Moresby time). 6.55 a.m. California time.


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