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August 2012

John prays with prime minister

The last thing John Carter did before he left Papua New Guinea was to pray with the Prime Minister.

John had been taken to the airport like a VIP. He didn’t even have to go through Customs. He was taken straight to an airport VIP lounge. Catered food. Drinks. The works.

In the lounge with him was Papua New Guinea’s Minister for Finance – an extremely high Government position. He’s an Adventist and a good singer. He even sang at John Carter’s Port Moresby evangelistic campaign. Unexpectedly he said to John, “The Prime Minister wants to see you. He’s just come back from Sydney. He’s in the opposite room.”

Pastor Carter was ushered into the second airport VIP Lounge. The Prime Minister and his cabinet were all seated. They suddenly all rose in unison when they saw John Carter had entered.

“I want to thank you personally and on behalf of the Government for coming to PNG,” the Prime Minister said.

John told him about the meeting attendance and a few other details. “Yes, yes,” said the Prime Minister. “We believe the meetings have been greatly blessed by God.”

“Would you like to have prayer?” John asked.

“Oh yes please,” the Prime Minister replied.

So John stood between the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister and put his arms around the shoulders of both. And they both put their arms around his shoulders.

For the next two or three minutes John prayed with and for the leaders of Papua New Guinea. He asked that God would give them Heavenly wisdom and that they would all be used by God to bless the nation and further the preaching of the Gospel.

They were all thankful and very appreciative.

WRITTEN 3 p.m. Tuesday August 14, 2012 (Port Moresby time). Monday 10 p.m. California time.

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