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August 2012

Largest attendance ever

Tonight’s Carter Report meeting in Port Moresby had the largest attendance in the series so far. There were 120,000 people in the Sir John Guise Stadium. And there were uncounted tens of thousands outside.

It was the biggest meeting in a series of exceptionally large meetings. And it was the largest attendance in 50 years of large evangelistic attendances for John Carter.

The subject tonight was the Mark of the Beast. And anyone who knows Bible prophecy knows that this had the potential to be have a lot of people walk out in disgust. But the audience absorbed everything John Carter said.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” John said a few minutes after the meeting ended. “Not one person in the audience moved. No one inside or outside the Stadium moved. I felt the anointing of the Spirit of God. I felt the Spirit come down and energize me.

“They told us there would be riots. And just before we started there were riots in this very venue. But the meetings are all calm. There’s a complete overpowering of the Spirit of God,” he said.

John wasn’t the only one to recognize the extraordinary nature of tonight’s meeting. “It took my breath away,” said Susan Piraino who was worked on 20 Carter Report programs. “Pastor Carter was preaching like never before.

“I was talking pictures and I could not believe the size of the crowd. It was phenomenal. The people are so happy. It’s hard to put it into words what it’s like to be here. It has made the greatest impression on me of all Pastor Carter’s meetings,” she said.

John’s wife Beverley confirms that this was an extraordinary night. “I was a thrilling experience to be here,” she said. “It was the greatest crowd we have ever had. It was a miracle of God.”

The numbers eventually were huge, but it didn’t start out like that. There was no program last night, and that seemed to make people arrive later. “At six o’clock when we start playing the music there were a lot of gaps and we worried that we were going to get a low number. But I looked around a quarter of the way through the meeting – and it was packed! I couldn’t see a blade of grass,” James Venegas said.

The huge numbers caused logistical problems. For the first time tonight we collected an offering. We had 500 ushers bring the donations to the front. Then the ushers had to return to their allocated areas. But the crowd had increased so much that many ushers couldn’t get back to their posts.

John Carter had arranged for them to give out 50,000 decision cards, one for each family present. The cards were asking people to commit themselves to keep the Sabbath and be baptized. But the people were packed so close together sitting on the grass, that the ushers couldn’t get through. So many, possibly most, of the commitment cards couldn’t be collected.

This was an amazing night. I wish you could have seen it. It was truly a case of an evangelistic campaign being too successful – if that is possible.

Please pray for the team to have the wisdom, skill, and logicistics to guide this audience to a commitment and to God’s eternal kingdom. Amen!

REPORT WRITTEN 10 p.m. Tuesday August 7, 2012 (Port Moresby time). 5 a.m. Californian time.

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