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July 2012

"Most thrilling" Carter Report ever, says John

John Carter has issued orders that no team members are to make personal estimates of the audience size at Port Moresby. He doesn’t want exaggerated guesses circulating about how big the meetings are.

You don’t need to exaggerate when you have 110,000 people attending (as we did tonight in the meeting that finished two hours ago.)

There were less people in the Sir John Guise Stadium tonight. But that was because people discovered they can listen in comfort outside the stadium. Our custom-made American PA system is so powerful they can hear John Carter’s message clearly up to a mile away. So they are listening nearby where it is not as crowded as in the Stadium.

Every Carter Report evangelistic program is astonishing, but this one in Papua New Guinea is more astonishing than most. “This is easily the most thrilling series I have ever run,” Pastor Carter said a few minutes after tonight’s meeting ended. “This is the greatest campaign we have ever run in the history of the Carter Report.

"When I made a call tonight for people to accept Jesus, every hand I could see was raised.

“I had been battling a bit of a bug from travel. But 25 people from different local churches came together tonight to pray for me, and with me, before the meeting. The Spirit of God came on me and I preached with more power than I have in years,” he said.

So after 50 years of running public evangelistic campaigns, John Carter hasn’t slowed down. His body might be older. But when he walks onto the stage here at Port Moresby, it’s as if he is given new life. The preaching is even more powerful than when he was younger -- and it's more vibrant.

Please continue to pray for these meetings. Join the 25 locals who prayed for John tonight. Your prayers are achieving more than you can imagine.

REPORT WRITTEN 10 p.m. Monday July 30, 2012 (Port Moresby time), or 5 a.m. California time.

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