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August 2012

Politics and religion meet together at Carter Report meeting

Last night a dozen Adventists who’ve been newly elected as members of parliament walked onto the Carter Report stage. The whole audience stood and clapped as they came in.

John Carter laid hands on them and blessed them – dedicating them to their new work in parliament. He told them they must be faithful to both the kingdom of God and to the nation of Papua New Guinea.

He challenged them, telling them what was required of them to be good citizens. To use John Carter’s words, “They were all mighty thankful for the ordination ceremony.”

The new politicians had only been inducted as members of parliament a few hours earlier. After the Carter Report meeting, the crowds gathered around them for more than half an hour wanting to talk to them and congratulate them.

This was a most unusual ending to an evangelistic program. Normally John Carter has an appeal every night of his evangelistic series. However, he didn’t last night because of the ceremony with the new politicians.

Last night’s meeting was on the state of the dead – “What happens five minutes after you die?”

This is often a controversial subject to present at an evangelistic campaign. But this audience in Port Moresby lapped it up. They clapped and they cheered. And they shouted Hallelujah. This Bible teaching obviously made sense to them.

Tomorrow night’s program is a double meeting – a “double whammy” to use another quaint John Carter term. The first meeting is on “Antichrist in Action.” John Carter gives one-by-one the identifying marks to show who is the antichrist. John doesn’t name him. But the Bible’s identifying marks will leave the audience with no doubts. Please pray for this meeting.

The second meeting is on the occult. This is a very serious issue in this part of the world. Many people here still worship evil spirits. And recent news reports say that cannibalism is still practiced here in Port Moresby. So John will be exposing the devil in a place where his is very active.

When John preached on this subject in nearby Honiara last year, he felt a hand on his shoulder. There in front of the huge audience he turned around on the middle of the stage. And there was no one there! Please pray for God’s protection of the preacher and the audience during this meeting tomorrow night.

REPORT WRITTEN 11 p.m. Friday August 3, 2012 (Port Moresby time). 6 a.m. California time.

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