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July 2012

Second night audience increases


About 10,000 extra people today attended the second of John Carter’s public meetings.

Word of mouth is very powerful advertising here in Papua New Guinea. If an evangelistic program is good, people will talk about it. And if it is very good – like John’s – people will talk about a lot. And a lot more people will come.

Pastor Tony Kemo, the local Seventh-day Adventist Church president, estimates the crowd here on the second night was 80,000 to 85,000. That's about the same attendance as the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games held 12 hours earlier.

We’ve settled on an estimate of 70,000 for the opening meeting. So for the second night in a row, John Carter has spoken to the largest audience he has ever faced.

The stadium was totally packed tonight with thousands more people outside who couldn’t get inside. There were traffic jams for miles. Police gave John and Beverley Carter an armed escort to and from the meetings.

It’s hard to imagine more people cramming in than were here tonight. But with such a big increase in numbers from the first and second nights, bigger attendances down the track is what we can expect. But where will we put these extra people?

John Carter spoke tonight on astronomy and Christ’s second coming. “It was an amazing sight to see 80,000 hands raised to accept God as Creator,” John says.

John requests supporters around the world to keep praying for the Port Moreby project. The program is successfully underway. However, it will need prayer and God's blessing to bring it to a successful conclusion.

(Read Beverley Carter’s dramatic minute-by-minute account of crisis after crisis on the program’s opening night. It's on our Carter Report Facebook page at http://facebook.com/cartereport.)

REPORT WRITTEN 3 a.m. Sunday July 29, 2012 Port Moresby time. 10 a.m. Saturday California time.

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