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August 2012

Three ambassadors attend Carter meeting

Three ambassadors attended tonight’s Carter Report meeting in Port Moresby. One was the Philippines ambassador, who is an Adventist and has been to several meetings. He brought with him the ambassadors of Indonesia and South Korea.

He has invited the whole Carter Report team to dinner at the Philippines Embassy next Monday.

The three international representatives certainly heard a powerful message. John Carter preached about what he called ‘thieves of happiness.’ These include cocaine, heroin, alcohol, beetle-nut, adultery, promiscuous behavior, and similar things. He told the audience the only way to conquer these ‘thieves’ is to follow Christ and keep his commandments.

John invited well-known Los Angeles personality Pastor Willie Garcia to tell how Christ saved him from the ‘thieves of happiness.’ Willie grew up on the streets and now works those dangerous streets to win gang members to Christ. His was a powerful testimony.

The audience size continues to be about the same as the last few nights. We still have about a quarter of the city’s population attending the meetings. It’s time consuming to count a crowd of more than 100,000 and we cannot take people away from their other important duties. So we are not counting the crowd each night. But there appear to be more people now outside the actual arena listening to the meeting’s powerful P.A. system.

Tonight’s meeting was a powerful assault on the devil’s current great temptations. Satan won’t like what John has said – and what he will say in the next few nights. So please pray for God’s protecting hand over John, his team, and the people attending the meetings.


REPORT WRITTEN 4.30am Thursday August 2, 2012 (Port Moresby PNG time). 11.30am Wednesday California time.


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