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August 2012

Urgent appeal for $100,000

Tonight’s Carter Report meeting may be the largest English-speaking Adventist evangelistic audience in history. But this success is in jeopardy.

Sixty local churches in Port Moresby are paying for 300 buses to bring people to the meetings. But the churches are running out of money. If they can’t pay the bills, the buses will stop. And many audience members won't be able to keep coming.

John Carter has launched an appeal to raise $100,000 to help the local churches here in Port Moresby. “We want a flood of finance,” John said.

“We need immediate money so we can tell them to keep the buses running. And we need money down the track so that the churches can care for the thousands of new members."

Please make a donation to help now. And suggest to your friends that they also consider helping.

Donate here at the Carter Report website donation page. Click on https://www.cartereport.org/donate and select the word “evangelism”.

There are a lot of donations you wil make in your life. But few will have such an immediate impact as this.

Tonight’s attendance at Port Moresby was the largest of the series so far. But we don’t know how many there were. Our staff are too busy doing other essential tasks. They don't have time to count the crowd.

We know we had 110,000+ present last Monday, which is the last time we counted attendance. And we had many more tonight – but how many? It was probably an attendance of historic proportions, but we will never know. Only heaven knows. And that's what's most important.

However, we are trying to make staff available to count tomorrow night’s crowds. We can’t guarantee it – but we will try to get an accurate figure for you.

Meanwhile, if you can make a donation to help our churches in Port Moresby, please do it now.

Donate at https://www.cartereport.org/donate


WRITTEN 11.30 p.m. Saturday August 4, 2012 (Port Moresby time). 6.30 a.m. California time.


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