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August 2012

"We don't know where to accommodate the new members"

Tonight’s Carter Report program in Port Moresby PNG is about baptism. John Carter will show what the Bible teaches about baptism. And he will challenge those not baptized in his audience of 110,000 people to be baptized.

If this meeting is as successful as expected, it could create a real problem for the local churches.

“The Adventist Churches in Port Moresby are already full to capacity,” says Tony Kemo, the president of Central Papua Conference. “I don’t know where to accommodate the new members,” he says.

It’s not just the churches that can’t accommodate the crowd. It’s also the venue. “The capacity of our football stadium is inadequate to hold the crowd,” says Pastor Kemo.

The 60 local churches in the PNG capital city have only 2½ weeks to sort out the accommodation problem. You can’t build dozens of new churches in 2½ weeks. Possible solutions include renting public halls and renting buildings from Sunday-keeping churches to hold the Adventist Saturday services.

Another possibility is to hold two church services each Saturday morning in the existing Adventist Churches. Or we could hold extra church services sitting on available areas of grass. (Most of the 110,000 people attending the meetings are sitting on the grass at the football stadium. So this short-term solution is not as impractical as it seems.)

The huge success of the Carter Report Port Moresby series has been noticed by Adventists all around the world. Here’s what some leading Adventists are saying about it:

Ted Wilson (General Conference president): “What a privilege to be part of God’s last-day remnant church entrusted with the message of Christ’s soon return . May God be praised as the three angels’ messages are proclaimed to thousands in Port Moresby.”

Danny Shelton (founder of 3ABN, which operates a full-power Christian TV station in Port Moresby): “God has given Brother Carter  a present day message for the world. The Holy Spirit has given him an anointing that is reaping thousands of souls in Port Moresby! God bless Pastor John Carter!”

Lynetta Murdock (North American Division Communications Department): “That 110,000 is a very impressive number!”

Jim Gilley (president 3ABN television): “Millions now watch 3ABN in PNG. Thousands have become members of the church there as a result. The partnership 3ABN has with John Carter will now result in thousands more uniting with the Remnant Church.  We believe the Holy Spirit is being poured out with power!"

Barry Oliver (president South Pacific Division): “I thank God for the obvious outpouring of his Spirit in such a mighty way. I am praying that the people of Papua New Guinea will respond as never before to the messages of hope that are being presented each evening. Our prayers are with John and with all involved in the program.”

Please continue to pray for those attending the meetings. And ask God to give our local churches wisdom to care for these new members.


REPORT WRITTEN 3.30 p.m. Thursday August 2, 2012 (Port Moresby time). 10.30 p.m. Wednesday California time.








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