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July 2012

Worst-ever crisis for Carter Report

The Carter Report evangelistic program in Port Moresby is in danger of not being able to start as scheduled tomorrow night.

This is not only the biggest program ever attempted by the Carter Report. It is also the worst crisis it has ever faced.

Organizers lost about 75% of this week’s set-up time from local volunteers because of political unrest caused by the Papua New Guinea elections. Police wouldn’t let us on the site because of the unrest. Despite the team from the USA and Australia now working 18-hour days, the local support hasn’t been available. Now it’s doubtful that the program can start tomorrow night.

A last-minute crisis meeting is scheduled for nine o’clock tomorrow morning (4 p.m. Thursday Californian time). It will decide if the program can go ahead.

It’s not just that so little work has been done – a lot of work hasn’t been done satisfactorily. An American building contractor on the team reported that the locally-built stage and screens were too dangerous. Because they weren’t braced properly, they could easily collapse causing serious injury and death. And the flat iron roof on the stage was so poorly attached it could blow off and decapitate people sitting in the audience.

The welding used to build the stage, screens and the ten television lighting and camera towers is unsatisfactory. All the joints are being urgently welded again today to make them safe. And braces are being attached where necessary.

The humidity is oppressive, especially to team members from overseas not used to a tropical climate. The days are too hot to test the television equipment. They have to wait for the cool of the evening to turn on the lights and cameras to see if the set-up will all work. And tonight is the only night left before the scheduled start tomorrow night to test it. If anything is wrong, it will have to be fixed tomorrow and there is no opportunity to test it again before the scheduled start of the meeting.

The Carter team requests your prayers. And this is not a token request. Please devote time NOW to pray for this project. Ask your family members and Christian colleagues to pray with you. And telephone a friend and ask that friend to pray. Beg God that he will perform a miracle to let this project go ahead on time.

Report written 1.45pm Thursday July 26, 2012, Port Moresby time; 8.45pm Wednesday Califiornian time.

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