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This campaign is much harder

The Carter Report program starting in 34 hours is proving to be much more difficult than other campaigns. One reason is that it is at an... Read More

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Worst-ever crisis for Carter Report

The Carter Report evangelistic program in Port Moresby is in danger of not being able to start as scheduled tomorrow night. This is not only... Read More

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Carter stands on missionaries' shoulders

Evangelist John Carter is currently on a Virgin Airlines jet, about to land in Papua New Guinea, the largest island in the South Pacific. On... Read More

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Four times bigger than ever before

John Carter steps on a plane in twelve hours for the final leg of a flight to Port Moresby in the South Pacific. There he will run one of the... Read More

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AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE PORT MORESBY, PAPUA NEW GUINEA, CAMPAIGN The shaking of the entire nation for... Read More

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Global Financial Meltdown

  Talking to John Carter in Russia   Pastor John Carter is a noted Biblical scholar and talks about OUR WORLD ECONOMY IN THE LIGHT OF... Read More

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