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September 2013

Colombia Calling: 10 Great Signs

Dear Partner,
It’s important to be in the right place at the right time.  That happened when we went to Russia in 1991: the Holy Spirit, working through social, political, and economic conditions, had prepared the Russian people for the Gospel.  Multitudes turned to God. We were greatly blessed to be there at the right time, in the right place, with the right message. Unless all three factors are present, the outcome will be less than optimum.
We need to be ready to move when God prepares the soil (people’s hearts) for the seed (the Gospel).  I believe the time has come to sow the seed in Colombia and reap a great harvest.
Why?  For SIX reasons:
1. The Colombian people are sick and tired of the State Religion.
2. Economic conditions have left the people in a state of discontent.
3. Our dollar goes a long way and can create great opportunities for doing good.
4. Security has improved.
5. The local churches want us to come and pledge support.
6. We have found an outstanding Colombian pastor who is ready to work with us NOW.
The Carter Report team leaves for Colombia within a few days.  This will be a preliminary expedition in preparation for a great Gospel outreach.  Please pray for us.
Bogotá, Colombia
We need to work where the Lord has prepared the Harvest.  Colombia is waiting.  We expect to see many mighty miracles.  Will you not stand with us in this providential opportunity?  Your prayers and support mean the difference between life and death for so many lost souls at this time.  Can you not, dear friend, hear God calling?  Can you not see His hand in this? 
Other Carter Report Projects include:
• Nationwide television outreach in Papua New Guinea
• Broadcasting six times weekly on 3ABN worldwide
• Manila evangelism
• Spanish television evangelism
I think of the words of one spiritual hero who said, “I will go anywhere as long as it is forward.”  Colombia is forward.
For all these projects, I am working with all my might to raise a MILLION dollars for SOULS.  Thank you with all my heart for your faithful and enduring partnership.  Now we are about to take a great step forward and we want you to come with us.
Please write soon and say a prayer for us in Colombia as we move out in faith and hope.  I have a deep conviction that the hour is late.  The final movements will be rapid ones, and it seems to this old pilgrim that we are seeing the events long predicted by the holy prophets.  The blessed coming of the Lord is at hand.  Rejoice and look up, dear faithful friend.  Please write soon.  I am waiting to hear from you.
Thank you with all my heart and soul,
Yours in the Blessed Hope,
John Carter
The Carter Report, Inc.
P.S. When you send your gift for evangelism, please request my new DVD, “Your Appointment with God.”  Please quote this DVD number:  LW1301*.
*All gifts to this ministry are tax-deductible as defined by U.S. Treasury regulations.  The fair market value of the DVD is $15.00 and all tax-deductible receipts will be in accordance with U.S. Treasury regulations.  The DVD is a gift to you, but according to the tax-laws of the IRS is not tax-deductible. The market value is $15.00 and your receipt will reflect the tax requirements of the IRS.
“…Watchman, what of the night? Watchman, what of the night?  The watchman said, The morning cometh, and also the night...”  Isaiah 21:11-12 KJV
1. Leaders advocate and applaud the practices of Sodom and Gomorrah (“National apostasy will be followed by national ruin.”  E.G. White)
2. People prepare for the end of the world (see Doomsday Preppers on National Geographic Channel)
3. The Middle East explodes
4. Rogue nations get nuclear weapons
5. The Papacy achieves greater and greater power
6. Islam!
7. Religious leaders deceive millions who are easily influenced
8. New deadly germs are created
9. Governments spy on their people
10. The Gospel explodes around the world
The final scenes on the stage are set
The time, the task and the men have met
The world at its worst needs the church at its best
We are called for this hour, we must stand the test!

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