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April 2013

John Carter on the new Pope

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April 2013

Dear Carter Report Supporter,

The great Roman Church has a new Pope and the whole world is spellbound. Pope Benedict XVI retired amid scandals of worldwide pedophilia and homosexual activity within the Vatican itself. Ex-Jesuit priest Malachi Martin had warned that a dark cloud of Satanic activity had invaded the sacred precincts of the Lord’s Temple.  Martin, a devout supporter of the Papacy, sensationally reported just before his death that the enthronement of the “fallen archangel Lucifer” had been celebrated within the inner recesses of the Holy See by a group of renegade Papal clerics.  The spiritual and moral filth that emanated from this unspeakable act of rebellion and blasphemy eventually forced the Pope from office.  Some have seen Benedict’s act of self-immolation as a desperate but courageous deed to bring down the inner circle of evildoers who had brought so much shameful scandal to his beloved Church.

The new Pope hails from Catholic Argentina and has taken the name Francis, after the great Catholic saint who was noted for his simplicity, humility and love for the poor.  He is the first Jesuit in history to assume the Papal throne with all its trappings of power.  He has made a good start, shunning the papal limo for a minibus and personally visiting the hotel where he had been staying to pay his bill.

The Jesuits are famous in Church history.  Founded by the Spanish Ignatius of Loyola, this order of Papal zealots has been feared by kings, governments, cardinals, and even by Popes.  The leader of the Jesuits is called the “Black Pope” and so great is his power that even the Vatican thinks twice before crossing him.

The Jesuits were traditionally the most zealous defenders of the Papacy, the “Pope’s own men.”  After the Protestant Reformation, this mighty band of spiritual warriors took on the “heretic” Lutherans at the Council of Trent.  The Counter Reformation, as it is called, worked with a superhuman tenacity to destroy the Protestant Faith.  Everything the Jesuits did exceeded human expectations.  They entered and conquered every field of human endeavor “for the greater glory of God.”  They also penetrated every government and every religious organization with a single and dedicated purpose — to destroy Protestantism, silence the preachers of the true Gospel, and restore the Papacy to its lost position of worldwide eminence and power.

They have been remarkably successful.  Some would say they have won, well, almost.

In more recent times, it appears that amazing changes have taken place within the formidable walls of their venerable institutions.  A revolution against the Roman hierarchy has been hatched in the fertile minds of many Jesuit scholars who believe that the Roman hierarchy is actually against the “People of God.”*  Protestant missionaries in Latin America have been astounded to find Jesuits working against the official Roman Catholic Church and encouraging the reading of the Bible.  You may recall the events in Nicaragua where the Contras were pitched against the Sandinistas.  The Contras, ardent supporters of the Pope, were armed by the United States of America.  The Sandinistas were Marxist revolutionaries who preached “Liberation Theology” that they got from the Jesuits, their partners in their violent struggle against so-called “American Imperialism.”  Strange happenings indeed!

We must never forget that the Jesuits took a special vow of obedience and nothing was forbidden if done for “the greater glory of God.”  They were champions of the doctrine that “the end justifies the means.”  This meant that it was permissible, even desirable, to lie, cheat, steal, prevaricate, dissemble, even murder if the end justified it.  This is history.  No wonder the Jesuits were expelled by the Japanese, Chinese, British, Mexicans, and a host of other nations who found the presence of those arch Papists a dire threat to life and liberty.

  • So now a Jesuit is the Pope
  • This is a sign of the times
  • Bible prophecy is being fulfilled
  • It’s time to wake up
  • It’s time to preach the TRUE Gospel of Christ
  • It’s time to preach the Truth, the whole Truth
  • It’s time to stop believing Satan’s lies
  • It’s time to be ready for the last great conflict

In the name of Jesus, we urge all to pray for Pope Francis that the Holy Spirit will bless him with a revelation of the truths of Holy Scripture.  Christ died for this man and loves him with an everlasting love.

Please help us get the Word out.  It can be very lonely in this work and I need your prayers and support.  Right now I am working hard to raise $1,000,000.00 for evangelism and the preaching of these special “End Time” truths.

Please write to me and please help raise “a banner to the nations.”  May God bless you with spiritual insight, grace, peace, and eternal life.

Thank you in Jesus’ name,
Yours in the Blessed Hope,
John Carter
The Carter Report, Inc.

P.S. While we must understand the great prophecies of the Bible, more than an intellectual knowledge is needed.  We all need a personal experience with Christ who alone can bring hope in despair, light in darkness, order in confusion, and life in death.  God bless you dear friend, please stand with us.

*  See “The Jesuits” by Malachi Martin


Slightly out of line Catholics, as well as Jews, Moslems, and Protestants, suffered the dreadful horrors of the Inquisition.  So severe were the Jesuits in carrying out their persecution of non-conformists, that the Papacy sometimes recommended that the tortures be modified.  Spain lost 40% of her population and was reduced to ruin.  In more recent times, the Jesuits have changed their methods if not their objectives


The religion of Christ never persecuted a single soul.  We are called to do good to all, to love our enemies, and to stand bravely in defense of the Truth.  God has a big family and millions of His children are found in the Roman Catholic Church.  We believe in the right of every soul to believe or disbelieve as his or her conscience dictates.  We also maintain the right to believe and teach the truth as God gives us the light, even though that truth be held by a minority against the views and objections of the majority.


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