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April 2013

North Korea and Bible Prophecy

By John Carter

North Korea is at it again, making statements such as, “Listen to me or I will set you on fire.” This is nothing new though; it’s the same old bombast, high-sounding language with little meaning. Nevertheless, it does seem to be getting the world’s attention. Every time North Korean leaders throw a temper tantrum, charitable nations send food to feed their starving millions. Sooner or later, though, North Korea will acquire an effective delivery mechanism for its nuclear weapons. It’s just a matter of time. One day the bombast will become a bomb blast.

Bible prophecy paints a picture of the END TIME, and North Korea is part of the scenario. Jesus said He would return and the times before His Coming would be convulsed with terrible wars (Matthew 24). John the prophet, who wrote Revelation, said people would destroy the planet (Rev. 11), and evil spirits would take over (Rev. 16 and Rev. 9).

The good news is that Jesus is preparing a place of safety for those who follow Him (John 14:1- 3). God’s Word tells us that Jesus the GOD-MAN visited Planet Earth and, while still a young man, died for our sins on the Roman cross. This was the most horrible of deaths and proves that He loves us (John 3).

We can escape the bondage of sin and the present world order of lies, deception and false religion by believing in Jesus and accepting His “radical teachings.” Try reading His words in Matthew chapters 5, 6 and 7. You will be surprised. These words describe a condition of thought and action at total odds with the world, but worldly wisdom is foolishness to God (1 Cor. 1:20).

Join His revolution and break free. Be a citizen of His coming Kingdom.

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