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April 2013

Same Sex & Intolerance

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By John Carter — Preaching the Gospel of Christ for 51 years and not trying to please men


Is America about to persecute religious non-conformists?  Probably.  We Americans pride ourselves on being free.  You know the song, “And I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free.”  But cracks are appearing in the venerable old dam of the American Republic.

Expect a flood anytime soon.  No one is more intolerant than a religious or left wing liberal bigot.  During the Dark Ages deluded super religionists murdered millions in the name of God.  During the Twentieth Century, God haters took the lives of millions in Russia.  In Germany the Nazis annihilated millions of Jews for the crime of being Jewish.  Intolerant people, whether from the far left or far right are a threat to freedom and a blight upon society.  A new ugly intolerance is alive and well in America.  The Political Correctness elites proclaim the Gospel of Tolerance for themselves and Leftie comrades, while denying freedom of speech to others.  Take the matter of so-called GAY MARRIAGE. While the Politically Correct people exercise their rights to defend, and uphold SAME SEX UNIONS, they usually, in the style of a playground bully, deny those same rights of freedom of speech to others who disagree.  This is a form of virulent intolerance and is totally unacceptable.

Then there are religious bigots who apparently hate gays, and engage in name calling.  The sight of professing Christians parading with placards that announce that FAGS WILL BURN IN HELL, or words to the similar, are a shame and disgrace to the name of Christ.  Jesus loves Gays and gave His life for them.  Those religious bigots have a lot in common with their enemies from the far left.  Both extremes are reminiscent of the Pharisees (Right wingers) and the Sadducees (Left wingers) in the days of Christ who conspired together, from different motives, to murder the Messiah.  They are more alike than dissimilar.

The champions of Political Correctness began their earnest assault on freedom of speech and religion on the campuses of our great secular universities.  Certain topics were pronounced taboo.  Too bad for you if your Catholic, Protestant, Jewish or Moslem beliefs were violated.  You were told to shut up or suffer the consequences.  All in the name of Political Correctness, the darling of the Left.  Remember, we’re not talking about the old Soviet Union.  We’re talking about the suppression of freedom of speech and religion right here in the good old U.S.A.  Is it un-American?  Without the shadow of a doubt.

We should never put people down because of their race, sexuality, gender, or politics.  Hate speech is totally unacceptable, anytime, anyplace. Period.  But don’t forget what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  If it’s wrong for misguided religious people to rail against Gays, it’s equally wrong for the Political Correctness crowd to attack Christians, Jews, and Moslems for their beliefs.  Tolerance is a double-edged sword.  We all have the right at the right time in the right way to publicly and privately expound, argue, and express our convictions whether those views are held by majorities or minorities.  I believe in freedom of speech and religion for everyone.  What about you?

After reading my Bible a hundred times, I am convinced by the texts of God’s Word that so-called same sex marriage is wrong.  My authority is not the Church, it is Jesus Christ who said, “In the beginning God made them male and female… For this reason… a man will be joined to his wife.”

I believe “same sex” marriage is bad for America.  I believe it is bad for children.  While I am sympathetic with Gays and assure them that God loves them, I cannot in clear conscience get away from the Word of the Lord.  My conscience is captive to the texts of the Bible and with Luther I say, “Here I stand I can do none other.”  It is just too bad for the Political Correctness bullies that there will always be individuals, like Dr. Benjamin Carson, who will think for themselves and not toe the P.C. Party Line.  It is also just too bad for the cause of Christ that some of his so-called followers act so outrageously and with so little of the love He showed for the Lost.  God save us from the Pharisees and the Sadducees, the intolerant narrow-minded “Conservatives,” and the equally intolerant and close-minded “Liberals.”

Here’s a prediction, or more likely a calculated guess.  America seems to be moving away from God.  Unless there is a dramatic move back to the faith of her fathers, she will continue her downward moral spiral.  Leaders are needed, both political and spiritual, men and women who will work to turn back the flood of iniquity.  But where are these leaders?

Minorities who cling tenaciously to Biblical truths will face harassment and persecution.  Pharisees and Sadducees will both participate to silence the voices of dissent.  Churches and church operated institutions that draw the line on moral issues will be subjected to discrimination and government fines.  Bad things will happen on a growing scale and increasing intensity.  The Spirit of God will be withdrawn and all hell will break loose.  It will be as it was in the last days of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Go check the Genesis record.  You may be surprised.

Many Biblical scholars say we are witnessing the start of the END.  It’s time to stand up for the good old Biblical values that made America great.


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