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May 2013

The War Against the Bible

By John Carter

If there is no God then it follows logically there is no good. Without a Supreme Lawgiver, ideas of right or wrong are mere romantic notions. (This is very hard for an unbeliever to accept.) Who says up is up and down is down if there is no objective compass? Who says anything is right or wrong if God the Creator doesn’t exist? Think it through. Tom may say stealing is wrong (especially if Bill removes Tom’s car from his driveway), but who is to say Bill’s stealing may not be a legitimate means of the redistribution of wealth? Bill apparently thinks so. So does the government on occasions. So what is right and wrong? Who gets to say? Ask Karl Marx, the father of Communism and he will give you a dozen reasons why his stealing was good. What about murder? Most civilized nations have deplored the taking of human life, except when they have found it advantageous to invade other countries and thereby kill thousands, even millions, of civilians.

Without an objective standard, every decision and action becomes subject to our personal whims, ambitions, sexual preferences, cultures, politics, religions, nationalities etc., etc. In the not-too-distant past, Nazi Germans murdered millions because they were guided by what most of us would see as an evil code of conduct. In this instance, the killers of Jews, Russians, Poles, and even mentally handicapped souls, were blind followers of a new god by the name of Adolph. They were quite convinced they were right, and one of first things the right wing Nazis did was to get rid of the Bible. While hating the left wing Soviets, they had a great deal in common with the Communist crowd, who also waged war against the Bible.

Is there an objective infallible yardstick, an eternal law, a moral compass, something that has stood the test of time and the assaults of dictators, clerics, popes, presidents, philosophers, and ordinary scoffers? There is. The Bible is God’s Word and contains an infallible revelation of truth. Jesus, the only man who claimed to be God and yet was judged sane by His contemporaries, declared that the Scriptures could not be broken. He would often say, “It is written,” and then quote the powerful words of the Bible. He knew and believed that the Bible was written by prophets who were inspired by the Holy Spirit.

The Bible Jesus used is loved by many and hated by many. Millions have died for it and millions have schemed to destroy it. The Holy Scriptures point the way to salvation and testify that Jesus Christ alone is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Whenever and wherever the pure truths of the Bible are believed and followed, there is peace, prosperity, and respect for the rights of others.

The Bible also points out sin and thus arouses hatred and opposition in the resisting heart of the transgressor. This is the real reason, not some cheap pseudo scientific excuse, that the Bible is increasingly opposed. Let it not be forgotten that the battle against the Bible is an ongoing struggle between Truth and Error, Light and Darkness, Christ and Satan. This battle is real and we are involved.

Just recently I received a letter from a young man who by his own confession was living a life of depravity and debauchery. His hate-filled remarks were directed against God and the Bible. Why? Because the holy Bible revealed his sin. Rather than get rid of his sin, it was easier to curse God and reject His Word.

The warfare against the Bible will intensify. I expect Christians will be persecuted here in the USA, just as they are persecuted elsewhere. Now is the time to stand up for God, His Word, His Law and His Christ.

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