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March 2013

Was Peter the First Pope?

This is an easy one. The answer is NO. The Bible doesn’t say Peter was the first Pope, only biased Roman Catholic leaders who have never wanted people to read the Bible for themselves.

Peter was a simple, godly, married man who followed Jesus. He was never called “Father”, or “Your Holiness”, and he certainly never saw himself as a priest who could forgive sins.

The whole idea of the Papacy emerged when, hundreds of years after Christ, the Roman Catholic Church leader took the place of the Roman Emperor. This powerful priest prelate even called himself PONTIFEX MAXIMUS, the title of the Emperor of Rome.

As the Papacy grew more powerful, the Roman Church became a persecuting organization that banned the reading of the Bible. (Google Inquisition or check a good Encyclopedia)

Hundreds of millions accept the idea that the Pope is the Vicar of Christ, and is the true leader of the Christian Church. Such a view is totally opposed to the plain teachings of the Holy Scriptures.

Around the world today, millions of earnest Roman Catholics are turning from the man made traditions of the Roman Church to the truths of the Bible. This wide spread movement to follow Christ and His Word alone is a major challenge to the authority of Rome, and will be high on the new Pope’s agenda.

John Carter

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