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June 2014

America and Russia Face Off

Bible prophets paint on the world canvas a graphic picture of bloody conflicts that will climax in worldwide devastation.  The Revelator in the eleventh chapter of his book predicts that God will finally destroy those who “destroy the earth.” (See Rev. 11:18)  Armed uprisings in Ukraine could get out of control and involve conflict between two nuclear superpowers — Russia and America.  The civil war now taking place in Ukraine, once a satellite of the Soviet Empire, is the battleground of two ideologies.  Eastern Ukraine is Orthodox while Western Ukraine is Roman Catholic.  The cities of Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Odessa, and Kiev are well known to The Carter Report team because in those centers we proclaimed great Bible truths to vast multitudes over a period of ten years, commencing in the year 1995.  During that particular and tumultuous year, the Ukrainian head of the Orthodox Church declared we would preach in Kiev only over his dead body.  Just 10 days before we were due to start the meetings, the prelate dropped dead.  Armed conflict followed with Orthodox priests, armed with wooden crosses, battling the state militia.  Blood flowed.  The prelate who had died suddenly was refused burial in the cathedral and was unceremoniously dumped on the sidewalk where you can see his tomb to this day.
We never conducted campaigns in Western Ukraine because of the opposition of the Roman Catholic hierarchy.  When the Nazis invaded Ukraine, many in Western Ukraine hailed the conquering storm troopers as liberators from the bondage of Communism.  Later on when the Nazis carried out their policy of anti-Semitism, right-wing Ukrainians cooperated by helping to murder tens of thousands of Ukrainian Jews.  Their burial place is called Babi Yar, and is in the city of Kiev.
Russia, the 1,000-year-old bastion of the Orthodox faith, is now led by a former officer of the dreaded K.G.B.  Vladimir Putin’s policies are reflective of the national Russian mindset that is deeply distrustful of the West.  Their paranoia is fueled by the stark realities of history:  Russia has often been invaded by armies from the West, Napoleon’s and Hitler’s to name but two.  Ukraine has served as a strategic buffer and Putin will never agree to the newly independent nation becoming a part of NATO.  A shooting war will happen before that eventuates.  Events now taking place in Ukraine have the real potential of igniting a nuclear conflagration. Wars have started over less, and if not this time, quite possibly another time, soon. 
Putin’s fears were aroused when the democratically elected but corrupt government of Ukraine was forced out by street violence.  The deposed president was forced to flee to Moscow, and a government sympathetic to the West was installed.  Putin refuses to accept the legitimacy of this new government that is overtly anti-Russian.  He argues that the street rebels who installed the new regime are right-wing fascists, political allies of those who welcomed the Nazis, and helped carry out a policy of systematic extermination of the Jews.  Tensions between those sympathetic with Russia and those who desire an alliance with the West  have reached boiling point.  Russian sympathizers, probably egged on by Putin’s agents, have seized Crimea that has voted overwhelmingly to join the Russian Federation.  Other areas in Eastern Ukraine where the Russian language predominates are moving in the direction of autonomy from Kiev.  It appears that Mr. Putin will have his buffer, with or without America and European sanctions.  One thing is certain: the Russian bear in hibernation for 20 years is awake and angry.
The Bible says there is a time and a season for everything.  The time for large citywide
evangelistic campaigns in Ukraine is over, at least for the foreseeable future.  It was God’s plan for us to go to Russia and Ukraine when we did, with the help of supporters and donors in the West.  Hundreds of thousands, even millions, heard the Gospel Message in the context of the prophesies of the Bible.  Churches were established and souls were gathered into His Kingdom.  Now they will need our support to hold on when the winds of war are blowing.
These dramatic events were expected by but a few.  Conflict with Russia seemed a remote possibility, but if history teaches us anything it is to expect the unexpected. Russia remains a formidable nuclear power with the capacity to reduce the planet to a pile of radioactive dust.  Russia is huge, has vast natural resources, and is populated by people who are tough, intelligent, relentless and resilient.  The biggest battles of the Second World War were fought in Russia and Ukraine and the death knell of the Third Reich was sounded at Stalingrad where a million Nazis perished.  The Carter Report team when conducting evangelistic meetings in Stalingrad (now Volgograd) explored old battlefields where the back of the Nazi empire was crushed.
1. Dangerous and unexpected conflicts can arise at any time.  Prophecies teach that wars will multiply and the end will come “like a flood.”  Dan. 9:26  The nations will be
destroying the Earth when Jesus returns.  Rev. 11:18
2. Security can only be found in Christ and God’s Word.  Ps. 91, Rom. 8:1, and Ps. 23
3. The Church that is comfortably asleep must awake before it is too late.  See Matthew 25 where even the best are sleeping.
4. God has His children in every nation, including Russia and Ukraine.  Our work is not to beat the drums of war, but to win souls to Christ.
5. There is a right time to enter a country with the Gospel Message.  We need to be ready to move as God opens the doors.
6. The final movements will be rapid ones and we know not what tomorrow may bring forth.
7. Behind every conflict are spiritual forces.  The civil war in Ukraine is the latest 
expression of old rivalries between Russian Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism. 
The West led by the U.S.A. is allied with the Vatican. (Rev. 13)
8. An inside knowledge of world events will influence our living, our doing, our going, and our giving.  Russian Communists once dedicated all their resources, their time and money, to spread the Marxist revolution.  They were zealous missionaries.  So must we be, recognizing we have a message that is infinitely better.  Our proclamation is, “God made you, Christ redeemed you, the Holy Spirit transforms you, and Jesus is coming to set up His glorious Kingdom.  You can be a citizen of the EARTH-MADE-NEW.”
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