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August 2014

Gang Members Accept Christ

An amazing message from Australian journalist Phil Ward

To John Carter
May you be blessed forever.  Could I suggest you hold a follow-up evangelistic campaign in Port Moresby? 
I had a guest for lunch yesterday who was baptized in your Port Moresby campaign. His name is Remex.   After the meal he suggested that a second campaign would get three times more baptisms.  And he is in a position to know because he knows the thinking of non-Adventists in Moresby.  He was raised an Adventist but was running with the rascals* until your campaign. He continued to live in a rascal neighborhood after he was baptized. So he knows what has happened there. He said that the majority of Port Moresby’s rascals attended your evangelistic campaign.  And while most weren’t baptized, they are persuaded that what you said is true.  A lot of them have stopped their criminal activities. 
The church Remex joined considered running a second session on Sabbath to handle the attendance increase from your baptisms. However, they built a mezzanine floor instead. The mezzanine is still fully crowded. But if you held a second series, they could accommodate the increased attendance by having a second session. 
Also, your Port Moresby TV series is shown on prime time on Port Moresby’s high-powered 3ABN** station. So you personally would be a much bigger drawcard than last time.
At your last Moresby campaign I knew about people sitting in TWO football fields. But Remex said there were people in a third one as well. For this next Port Morseby program you could book all three football fields to accommodate the crowds. 
Now, changing the subject to the famous white dove. 
You told me, of course, about the white dove coming to two evening programs. Did you know it also came to the baptism? Remex saw it at the meetings, of course. But he also saw it at Ela Beach. It flew in from the ocean and over the crowd. 
Remex lived at Port Moresby for ten years. He has never seen a white dove there except at your evangelistic campaign. So it is not likely to be a natural bird.  Also, a rare natural bird might appear at the same location at the same time of night. But the odds of a rare bird only appearing at these two different locations at different times of day are mathematically so high as to be almost impossible. The fact that the dove appeared at two separate locations clearly confirms this was not an ordinary dove. This was a heavenly manifestation. I predict that if you go back to Port Moresby, the dove will come back too.
May God bless you for Eternity. 
Phil Ward
* A “rascal” is a gang member.
** Also on commercial TV across the nation.

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