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September 2015

American Communist Baptized

Dear Friend,

Victor was an American Communist.  Feeling empty inside he stumbled* upon The Carter Report on 3ABN. I never knew such people existed in the USA.  His parents had drummed Marxist Atheism into his young mind. Now as an adult, he was switching channels, searching for hope. He watched The Carter Report week after week. He also visited every church he could find. He told me his religious quest left him empty.

*Was it a stumble or God’s providence? We believe it was His plan.

He contacted our office. I talked to him and listened. Months later he drove hundreds of miles to Los Angeles and together we studied the Word of God. By then he was a committed Sabbath keeping Christian. It was my privilege to baptize Victor. A man brought up in an American Communist home had finally come home to God.

The Carter Report television program is reaching souls who would never walk through the doors of a church. You, my friend, are part of this great work. Thank you.

The salvation of our American Communist is a compelling reason why we must, by God’s grace, keep producing Christ centered television programs.

Yes, we are committed to reaching lost souls in Russia, Cuba, El Salvador, Ukraine, and India. We also believe there is a MISSION FIELD right here in our homeland.

We are now building a television studio that will make it possible for us to continue producing special programs such as moved the heart of our ex-Communist brother. Our programs have also powerfully impacted multitudes of atheists in Russia.

Now here is the urgent message: Cameras, lights, base stations, and digital tape decks may not sound very evangelistic. They are in fact a vital part of communicating the Gospel of Christ. They are the necessary tools that allow us to step inside a stranger’s home.

Some Carter Report TV expenses:

$260,000.00 Annual cost to broadcast on 3ABN ($21,600/month)
  $30,000.00  Four new TV camera base stations
$150,000.00 Construction
  $25,000.00 Computer memory
  $32,000.00 Interactive screens 
  $80,000.00 Air conditioning for studio 
  $25,000.00 TV lighting 
$602,000.00 Total cost   

I am therefore prayerfully asking you to help me raise the funds that will keep The Carter Report in God’s business of saving souls.

God has promised to supply our needs. (Phil. 4:19)  He will open Heaven’s windows as we partner with Him.  Please write to me today. Who would have thought that the soul saved would have been an American Communist?

Thank you a 1,000 times. May God abundantly bless you. Please give as the Lord moves you.

Lovingly yours,

John Carter


“Danny Shelton Talks to John Carter” Part 1 & 2*  (LW1511-1512)

*All gifts to this ministry are tax-deductible as defined by U.S. Treasury regulations.  The fair market value of the DVD is $15.00 and all tax-deductible receipts will be in accordance with U.S. Treasury regulations.  The DVD is a gift to you, but according to the tax-laws of the IRS it is not tax-deductible.  The market value is $15.00 and your receipt will reflect the tax requirements of the IRS.


Construction project at Carter Report headquarters in Moorpark, California

Pastor Carter with child in Russia

Russian woman at Carter Report evangelistic campaign

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