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February 2015

People Matter Most

Karla is a young doctor in El Salvador who recently went through a life shattering experience.  Her life was devastated.  But before the Karla story, let me share with you a brief introduction.

Do you remember the “93” Gospel campaigns we recently sponsored in El Salvador?  These Gospel meetings were paid for with your gifts. The speakers were “93” Central American pastors and evangelists.

I first met them five months ago.  It was my first visit to El Salvador, a Central American nation notorious for gang violence.  We traveled with guards from the capital, San Salvador, to a guarded location high in the hills.

It was about an hour’s journey.  The “93” pastors impressed me and encouraged my heart.  It was like Australia and America 50 years ago.  These spiritual leaders, mainly young men, were dressed in dark suits and each carried his Bible.  They seemed so enthusiastic about Jesus and evangelism. 

They didn’t tell me, “It doesn’t work,” but believed that what God commands He will fulfill.

I preached a Gospel sermon to the “93.”  They listened intently, turned to the texts in their well-used Spanish Bibles, and responded with fervent amens!  When I invited all who needed prayer to come forward, they came one and all.  

No one held back.  They came because they wanted more of God’s power in their lives in order to reach the lost for Christ.  This meeting with these “93” pastors touched my heart and refreshed my spirit.

My translator was Pastor Cesar Cardenas who is soon to join our team here in Moorpark, California.  Pastor Cardenas was born in Colombia and is an Australian citizen.  He is fluent in Spanish and English.

It was this same Pastor Cardenas who was proclaiming the WORD in the Central San Salvador Church, when Dr. Karla stumbled into the auditorium.  She was unaware that this meeting was one of the “93” being held across the nation.  She came because she heard singing, and thought she might find meaning and hope in the midst of meaninglessness and despair.  She attended the church night by night, and finally sat with the 50,000 souls in the National Football Arena, the biggest in Central America.  She was in that famous stadium, not to watch football, but to hear the story of Christ.

Never, never forget it — you are helping to make this possible.

Karla gave her life to Christ, was baptized, and peace like a river flooded her soul.  Karla is one of the 5,000 won to Christ and baptized in El Salvador.  Her life was transformed and renewed by the Gospel of God.

Please remember — you are helping to make all this possible.


Thank you,

John Carter


“The work goes on, and the dream will never end.”  Doors are opening in distant lands where the soil is fertile for the seed of the Gospel — Bolivia, Peru, Southern Mexico, Guatemala…


Please give me your e-mail and I will send you a one-minute video report of the El Salvador campaign.  This is the first time we have used a drone! You can e-mail me at:   info@cartereport.org


Please join us as we sow the Gospel seed into soil where the Spirit of God is preparing the Harvest.


They are the only “treasures” from Earth that will survive the coming day of fiery judgement.

Thank you for your commitment to people like Karla, and the work of proclaiming the saving Gospel of Christ. Please send your best gift for the saving of souls to:

John Carter, PO Box 1900, Thousand Oaks, CA 91358 U.S.A.

In Australia write to John Carter, PO Box 861, Terrigal, NSW 2260 Australia.

You may give online at cartereport.org.  Thank you in Jesus’ name. May God bless you abundantly.

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