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June 2015

A Wake Up Call For Christians

You may be surprised by the facts…read on.

Dear Friend,
Our culture is changing fast.  There is now, from the White House to the television networks, an open war on Christian values.  Atheism, liberalism, agnosticism, and skepticism are replacing the Bible-based values that made America great.
Ninety-five percent of our young people from conservative American Christian homes leave the Church after attending secular universities where they are assaulted by the views of militant atheistic professors.  Ninety-eight percent of science and philosophy teachers in our great universities are atheists on a mission.  Young people, ill prepared, are chopped up like grass beneath the blades of the mower.
The Carter Report, with your help, wants to fight back. Very few in the church are even aware of what is happening, let alone concerned about the dreadful wastage of souls.  We plan to confront the problem by:
1. The production of TV programs that attack the enemy head on. Right now, we are producing programs that feature scientists who are qualified to unmask the greatest hoax of the past 150 years. That hoax is Darwinism (Naturalism) that says that everything is the result of blind chance and that life is ultimately meaningless. Very few pastors or church leaders are equipped to deal with an idea that carries the prestige of the great universities. We are giving it our best shot. These new DVDs present authentic scientific truths that prove that what is taught concerning ORIGINS in the scientific institutions is totally false. We are doing this because we believe that Darwin’s teachings are the root cause for the breakdown of our present society. The death of God always leads to the death of man and today we are seeing it happen. If you care about our young people and the destruction of the America we love, please support this project.
2. We are planning to continue to facilitate large-scale evangelistic campaigns. When evangelism dies, the church dies with it. We now have Cuba in our sights and we need your help. The public preaching of the Word is God’s answer to Satan’s attacks upon our nation, the family, and the church. When Spirit filled evangelists in America once preached to great crowds of people, America was shielded from those dark forces that are now causing the ruin of the nation. We desperately need a revival in public evangelism. If you care for the family, the church, and the nation, please support this project. Together we can make a difference.
Please support us as together we fight to roll back the flood of evil. Now is the time to stand up for our young people, our churches, our families, and the nation we love.
Please don’t put this off. Please write to me today. Please let your gift make a difference.
Remember, our hands are tied without your help. If I could only raise a million dollars, what a difference it would make in the lives of so many! How many young people would be saved!
Thank you for being my partner in this warfare to save the lost for Jesus.  
Yours in the Blessed Hope,
John Carter
All gifts to The Carter Report are tax-deductible in accordance with the tax law of the IRS. When you send your gift, please request, “Liberty At Risk” — John Carter Talks to Alan Reinach, Esq., Executive Director of the Church State Council.

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