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April 2016


Dear Partner,
Cuba is opening slowly to the Gospel and we have been invited to conduct and sponsor TEN evangelistic campaigns. The biggest campaign will take place in the city of Guantanamo, next to the famous U.S. military base.
Our Carter Report overseas manager, Pastor Harold Harker, has just returned from visiting the Communist island nation. In many ways, he reports, Cuba has been in a time warp since the 1950s. The average salary is $20.00, not per hour, but per month. Religious liberty is restricted. Meetings in government public halls are forbidden. But, as my dear old mother used to say, “There are more ways than one to skin a cat.”
Guantanamo is a city of 245,000 needy souls and is a 12-hour perilous drive from Havana. It is perhaps the most needy city in the whole nation. Only Christ can heal the wounds that sin has inflicted upon the human soul and that is why we are praying for Cuba. Please join me in this historic outreach to these spiritually starved and neglected victims of Communism. Please say a prayer today for Cuba. Please write to me as God moves your dear heart.
With love and thanks,
John Carter
The Carter Report, Inc.
These places with strange sounding names will soon hear the precious Gospel of Christ:
1. Cienfuegos
2. Ciego de Avila
3. Holguin
4. Las Tunas
5. Bayamo
6. Contramaestre
7. Fomento
8. Veguitas
9. Guantanamo
10. Baracoa
Since Cuba allied herself with the Communist Soviet Union, 50 plus years ago, the island nation has sunk into a state of terrible poverty. This pathetic economic condition, combined with the spiritual devastation of false religions, has prepared the people for the true Gospel of Christ. We are right now, with our Cuban brothers and sisters, planning TEN evangelistic campaigns. Please say a prayer for Cuba. Please support as God provides.
We promise you that your offering will be used to bring Christ to the lost, lonely, and hurting. When you send your gift, please request our FREE gift to you:  
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