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May 2016

Join us on the Gospel Train to Cuba!

Dear Partner,
The news is out.  IT’S NOW 21 CAMPAIGNS in Communist Cuba!  PRAISE GOD!
We started with a dream to run one campaign.  After a time of prayer, our Cuban brothers and sisters asked, “Can you possibly do TEN?”  We said, “Yes, by His grace.”  Then after more prayer came the request, “Could you do TWENTY-ONE?”  We responded, “Let’s move ahead in faith. God will provide!”
Eleven campaigns will take place in the main cities around the island, including Guantanamo.  Ten (maybe more!) will happen in the famous capital of Havana.
We now need to find the fuel to feed the Gospel fire.  As the old Spiritual goes, “This train am bound for Glory,” and we believe that God is going to fill every seat.
We are confident that our great God will help us raise $250,000.00 for Cuban evangelism.  I am asking you, my dear brother and sister in Christ, please be my faith partner in this opportunity of a lifetime.  Please join us on the Gospel train to Cuba.
Please write soon.
With blessings and thanks,
John Carter
The Carter Report, Inc.
The best way to help the Cuban people is with the life-giving energy of the Gospel of Jesus. The world does not need more politics, policies, and pontiffs. Bad religion is mankind’s biggest curse. Good religion (the religion of Jesus) is the biggest liberating, elevating, rejuvenating power in the universe.
There is a time for every person.
There is a time for every nation.
This is now Cuba’s time.
It’s time to bring the Message of Salvation to the people of Cuba. 21 campaigns are now being planned. Fuel is needed now to move the Cuban Salvation Express to 21 locations across the Cuban nation.
We promise you that your offering will be used to bring Christ to lost, lonely, and hurting people. When you send your gift, please request our FREE gift to you, Focus on Prophecy:  “The Next and Last President of the United States of the World”  Part 1 & 2 —FP1605-1606* (Two powerful programs on one DVD).
* Our gift to you is free but your receipt will reflect the requirements of the IRS.

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