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July 2016

The World Is Too Much

Dear Friend,
When the world is too much, remember God loves you. When sorrow and pain are constant companions, remember they will pass. Jesus feels our anguish and assures us there is a better day coming. We cannot understand all the whys but we can trust a God who went to the cross for us.
I have just returned from Australia where I took the funeral of a very dear friend. Graeme was taken from his family and friends by skin cancer. His faith shone in the darkness of his suffering and he died trusting in His Savior, believing he would rise in glory. He knew in his brave heart that just as day follows night so life follows death. We said “good night,” not “good bye.”
Pastor Carter and Graeme Bradford
We stand aghast as the suffering of so many. We are horrified by the barbarism of the terrorists, and heartbroken by the images of dead children. Surely on these occasions, the world is too much.
We hold on during these dark hours, knowing that the Sun of Righteousness will arise with healing in His wings. 
And so I write to you, not knowing what assails you, but knowing that faith never fails because it is anchored in the God who always triumphs.
Hold on dear friends and look up. God has a wonderful plan for you. All will be well and God’s glorious tomorrow will cause us to forget the struggles and sorrows of today. It is this Good News we at The Carter Report share with a hurting world.
May His love be yours,
John Carter
The Carter Report, Inc.
P.S. Please write to me today. When you send your gift for evangelism, please request my DVD, “The Jew, The Arab, and Jerusalem” Part 1 & 2. (When you request your FREE DVD, please quote this number: FP1610-1611*).

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Your gracious and generous gifts keep the light shining. People around the globe now hear God’s Message of Love and Grace. Souls are born anew. The Carter Report exists for one purpose: to lift up Jesus Christ and proclaim the Good News that sorrow and death will soon be swallowed up in victory. Thank you.
Please give now for Cuba and Youth evangelism in Ukraine. Please send your gift to: The Carter Report, PO Box 1900, Thousand Oaks CA 91358 / Australia: PO Box 861, Terrigal, NSW 2260.



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We promise you, by God’s grace, that:
1. We will spend your money wisely to save souls.
2. We will not waste a single dime.
3. We will not act dishonestly, tell lies, or preach smooth things.
4. We will work with all our strength to win the lost to Christ.
5. We will hate sin, the devil, and all his evil ways.
6. We will uplift the Lord Jesus Christ and not ourselves.
7. We will speak plainly, honestly, truthfully, in love and compassion, while God gives us breath.
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