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April 2017


Telling it as it is, and no political correctness allowed

John Carter answers questions about Putin, Trump, North Korea, the Bomb, Same-Sex Marriage, the Christian Church, Refugees, Evangelism, Fake News, etc., etc.
Q: What do you think about President Trump?
A: I think we all should pray for him. See 1 Tim. 2:1-4. If he succeeds, we all succeed.
Q: What about President Putin?
A: He is a powerful leader who like our president has his finger on the nuclear button. The world today is in a perilous situation. Christians need to proclaim the Gospel of Christ.
Q: Are you involved in politics?
A: No, I am not a member of any political party. I want the liberty to think independently as God shows me the light. Jesus did not belong to any of the political parties of His day.
Q: What about that North Korean crazy man?
A: Kim Jong-un is armed with nukes. The world is like a pressure cooker without an escape valve. See Rev. 11:15-19.
Q: Why do you do evangelism?
A: That’s easy to answer: Jesus told me to preach His Gospel. A lot of evangelism I see is just raising money. I don’t do that.
Q: Do you think the Crazies will blow the world up?
A: They may make a mess, but God will write the last chapter. Christ is still Lord of lords and King of kings.
Q: What about helping refugees?
A: Jesus as a baby was a refugee, and we should help genuine refugees.
Q: Why are you going to Russia?
A: Because I hear God calling me. The Russians are not the Kremlin Government and they need Christ. They are begging us to go and we are needed.
Q: Are you sometimes afraid for your life in these dangerous places?
A: Not for a moment. “My times are in His hands.”  I am immortal until my work on Earth is done.
Q: What can we believe, there is so much fake news?
A: For starters, you can believe your Bible. See Matt. 4:4. You can believe the words of Christ. Then you need to read good well-sourced books and magazines. Be naturally suspicious of almost all politicians, especially those who have a reputation for lying.
Q: What about same-sex marriage?
A: It doesn’t exist, marriage is between a man and a woman. See Matt. 19:4-6.
Q: What do you think of Political Correctness?
A: I don’t like it. The Politically Correct crowd are the new Thought Police. They do not believe in freedom of speech or freedom of religion.
Q: Do you ever worry about paying the bills for your soul-saving campaigns?
A: There is no need to worry when our Father owns the world. He supplies all our needs. See Phil. 4:19.
Q: Where do you see the Church going?
A: There are fake Christians just as there is fake news, but God’s true people are winning the battle, are victorious, and will triumph gloriously. Millions will be saved. See Rev. 7:9,13,14.
Q: What do you hope to accomplish during your 48th visit to the former Soviet Union?
A: I want to have the freedom to preach God’s Good News in President Putin’s Russia. I want to reach out to unbelievers through Russian radio and television. I want to see the lost saved for Christ. I want to see the Church comforted and strengthened. I want to glorify God.
Q: Do you think we should do more than preach?
A: Jesus fed the hungry and clothed the naked. The Carter Report is sending poor children to school in India and El Salvador. We are not doing as much as we wish we could.
Q: What do you think of the Pope?
A: He is a Jesuit and a cool operator. He seems a nice man, but is more cunning than a fox. He wants to bring the world together under his dominion. The Jesuit order was established to destroy Protestantism.
Q: What’s so important about 2017?
A: It’s 500 years since Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation. Lutherans and Catholics have now reached an agreement to unite. Luther would be amazed.
Q: What is God’s message for today?
A: Rev. 14:6-12. You seldom hear it preached anymore. It is not politically correct. It proclaims the one true Gospel in contrast to all the phony gospels. It also unmasks the Antichrist of Bible prophecy.
Q: Do you preach Revelation 14:6-12?
A: Yes, by God’s grace. We have received many threats from people inside and outside the Church, but we plan by His grace to keep on keeping on.
Q: What do you think is the most important teaching in the Bible?
A: God’s love. The great revelation that God loves us and gave His beloved Son to die for us is the greatest teaching in the Bible. His love is the healing balm that heals the leprosy of our sin.
Q: Do you have any regrets about your calling to proclaim Christ’s Gospel?
A: I’ve been at it for 55 years and I am satisfied with Jesus. I have been privileged to go where few have gone and see what few have seen. Save a soul for Christ and you save a soul for eternity. What can equal that?


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