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December 2018

The Carter Report Our Fighting Agenda



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Amazing but True Stories From the Frontlines of the Battlefield

These following events actually happened when John Carter and his team ran a campaign in Manila 34 years ago.


The man with the dagger came to our meetings to kill an attendee. He was a professional killer. He had followed his proposed victim around Manila all day, waiting and watching for an opportunity to strike the fatal blow. When the man he was hunting entered the Philippine International Convention Center, he followed close on his quarry, sitting just a few seats behind him. Later on, he penned to John Carter the following message: “I came tonight to The Carter Report meeting in the PICC* because I intended to stab a man to death. I had followed him all day. When he entered the hall, I was just a few steps behind the man who would soon feel my knife. But as you preached about Jesus from the Bible, I found that I could not attack him and kill him. I could not strike the fatal final blow. Something spoke to my heart and I could not raise my knife. Now I want to follow Jesus and be baptized. Tonight God has touched me and changed me. You now know, but my man with the X on his back will never know.” Thus the killer was killed by GRACE.

*Philippine International Convention Center

September Newsletter First PagePICKPOCKETS POCKETED BY GOD

Bands of professional pickpockets mingled with the huge crowd attending The Carter Report in Manila. The wealthy elite of Filipino society rubbed shoulders with the underprivileged who had come seeking true riches. Inconspicuous in this motley cosmopolitan crowd of truth seekers were skilled gangs of pickpockets whose talent was lifting wallets and jewels. They were enjoying great success until their concentration was shattered by the Word of God. They later confessed it was difficult to steal a money bulging wallet when the preacher was talking about the coming Judgment Day. Before the campaign finished, all the gangs had been converted and the money returned to the amazed victims. There is power in the name of Jesus and His soul saving Gospel.


The Roman Catholic priest, a monsignor no less in the hierarchy, approached John Carter as he presided over the baptism of two thousand souls. “Sir,” he said, “may I also be baptized? I have attended your meetings in the PICC and I have discovered the truths of His holy Word. I want to follow Jesus and I can no longer follow the traditions of the Catholic Church. If you accept me, I am now ready to be baptized.” And so he was, still wearing the garb of a member of the Roman Catholic hierarchy. After he was baptized in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the people cheered and all Heaven rejoiced.


Death Row is a grim forbidding place, especially in Manila where John Carter was preaching. After the great campaign in the PICC, John and his team of Christian soldiers visited the great Manila prison. The old massive doors to the jail were flung wide open, the team was ushered inside, and the guards beat a hasty retreat. It was too dangerous for them to enter. The Carter Report team then conducted Gospel meetings in a large prison room that seated hundreds of souls. They praised God as 250 prisoners were baptized. They then were escorted by brave Filipino Christian laymen and laywomen to a dark holding area on Death Row where awaited a group of condemned murderers. After preaching the Good News of our crucified and resurrected Lord, Pastor Carter and his team baptized desperate men who were awaiting execution. As they came up out of the water, their faces shone with the glory of God. We will see them again. They died facing the Kingdom with the gift of eternal life.

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