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October 2011 Newsletter - Pentecost Report

In Honiara, I saw the mighty hand of God. 35,000 souls in the Solomon Islands' national soccer stadium is a sight never seen before. They sat... Read More

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Strange World of the Occult - Action Report

Dear Mum: We had another big night with about 25,000+ people attending this evening. The topic tonight, was the 'Strange World of the... Read More

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Honiara Campaign - Action Report

30,000 Plus Attend Nightly The people seem to go as far as the eye can see. It is literally a sea of faces. We're talking about the crowds... Read More

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September 2011 Newsletter - Countdown To Honiara Campaign Begins

Dear Friend, As you read this letter, the countdown will have started for a giant outdoors campaign for Christ in the tropical South... Read More

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September DVD Special

The Carter Report is running a September Special of one of our popular products: “This I Believe” Series.   Read More

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August 2011 Newsletter - To The Ends of The Earth

Dear Friend, I don’t need a politician to tell me times are tough. I have eyes and ears. BUT, I have a testimony to give. When I obey God... Read More

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