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The Carter Report

May 01, 2018

THE UNEDITED EDITION     QUESTIONS ABOUT AMERICA, POLITICS, GUNS, MURDERS, THE CHURCH, DONALD TRUMP, THE CIA, AND THE GOSPEL. Susan Piraino puts her boss through the hoops, throws a few curve balls, and wonders if she will still have a job. SP: Where do you see America going? JC: One cannot visit Washington DC and see the monuments, museums, libraries, and institutions without an immense sense of pride.  The...



Great Truths Revealed

Dear Partner, It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness. We have now almost completed a powerful new... Read More

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The Media, Brainwashing, and the Struggle for Survival

WORLD PASTOR AND EVANGELIST JOHN CARTER PRESENTS "The Media, Brainwashing, and the Struggle for Survival." Don't miss, WHAT... Read More

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John Carter Will Now Take Your Questions

  Susan Piraino is Director of Communications for The Carter Report. In this issue she asks Pastor John Carter... Read More

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Sixty Minutes of Prophetic Discovery

Join international evangelist, pastor, and scholar, John Carter, for an in-depth look at the great issues of our times. SATURDAY, JANUARY... Read More

Good News for 2013

nuary One Edition 2013 Dear Friend and Partner, Since the first day of January 2012, we have travelled 583 million... Read More

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Open Letter to NAD President, Elder Daniel R. Jackson

  At this time (Dec.19, 2012) we are unable to share with you a reply to this letter. The NAD president is a busy... Read More

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