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Our Representative in Communist Cuba

July 01, 2018

  Meet Juan. He lives in Communist Cuba. He is married to Ada. They have a little girl who is the sunshine of their lives. Cuba is not an easy place to call home. It is hot, humid, poor, and Communist. Those who think all political and social systems are of equal value have not visited Cuba. It is 80 miles from the USA, but a million miles from freedom. There are no free elections. There is no free press. There are no...



Was Peter the First Pope?

This is an easy one. The answer is NO. The Bible doesn’t say Peter was the first Pope, only biased Roman Catholic leaders who have never... Read More

Departing and Being With Christ

GAIN INSIGHT, GET UNDERSTANDING! Don’t miss, “DEPARTING AND BEING WITH CHRIST” SATURDAY, MARCH 16 @ 3:00 p.m.Bring your Bibles, Bring... Read More

Great Truths Revealed

Dear Partner, It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness. We have now almost completed a powerful new... Read More

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The Media, Brainwashing, and the Struggle for Survival

WORLD PASTOR AND EVANGELIST JOHN CARTER PRESENTS "The Media, Brainwashing, and the Struggle for Survival." Don't miss, WHAT... Read More

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John Carter Will Now Take Your Questions

  Susan Piraino is Director of Communications for The Carter Report. In this issue she asks Pastor John Carter... Read More

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Sixty Minutes of Prophetic Discovery

Join international evangelist, pastor, and scholar, John Carter, for an in-depth look at the great issues of our times. SATURDAY, JANUARY... Read More

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