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Our Representative in Communist Cuba

July 01, 2018

  Meet Juan. He lives in Communist Cuba. He is married to Ada. They have a little girl who is the sunshine of their lives. Cuba is not an easy place to call home. It is hot, humid, poor, and Communist. Those who think all political and social systems are of equal value have not visited Cuba. It is 80 miles from the USA, but a million miles from freedom. There are no free elections. There is no free press. There are no...



Global Financial Meltdown

  Talking to John Carter in Russia   Pastor John Carter is a noted Biblical scholar and talks about OUR WORLD ECONOMY IN THE LIGHT OF... Read More

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Think Different! An Inside Look

    Question: Why, after 50 years of preaching, are you still at it? Answer: Because... Read More

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How Can Bad News be Good News?

Dear Faithful Partner, For the true believer, the best is yet to be.  What is more, the bad news always precedes... Read More

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The One Thing that will Outlast the Stars

Dear Partner, As I sit at my cluttered desk this winter evening, I ask the question, “What is truly important?”  If I had my life to... Read More

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After Fifty Years... A Time for Reflection

Dear Friend, Fifty (that’s right, 50!!!) years ago, I boarded a train called the Silver City Comet for Broken Hill in Australia’s... Read More

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Happy New Year!

"A new year promises a new start, new hopes, and new opportunities. A new start is a beautiful... Read More

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