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Straight Talk From A Straight Shooter

October 01, 2018

Why the best days for Evangelism are still to come     JOHN CARTER'S Q & A Q: Why do some church leaders say that public evangelism is finished? A: Because it’s hard, it’s expensive, and it demands talent. Q: Is public evangelism Biblical? A: You had better believe it. The Christian church was started through public evangelism. Peter stood up and preached a great evangelistic sermon and thousands were...



Four times bigger than ever before

John Carter steps on a plane in twelve hours for the final leg of a flight to Port Moresby in the South Pacific. There he will run one of the... Read More

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AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE PORT MORESBY, PAPUA NEW GUINEA, CAMPAIGN The shaking of the entire nation for... Read More

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Global Financial Meltdown

  Talking to John Carter in Russia   Pastor John Carter is a noted Biblical scholar and talks about OUR WORLD ECONOMY IN THE LIGHT OF... Read More

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Think Different! An Inside Look

    Question: Why, after 50 years of preaching, are you still at it? Answer: Because... Read More

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How Can Bad News be Good News?

Dear Faithful Partner, For the true believer, the best is yet to be.  What is more, the bad news always precedes... Read More

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The One Thing that will Outlast the Stars

Dear Partner, As I sit at my cluttered desk this winter evening, I ask the question, “What is truly important?”  If I had my life to... Read More

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