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The Carter Report Our Fighting Agenda

December 27, 2018

      Amazing but True Stories From the Frontlines of the Battlefield These following events actually happened when John Carter and his team ran a campaign in Manila 34 years ago. THE KILLER KILLED The man with the dagger came to our meetings to kill an attendee. He was a professional killer. He had followed his proposed victim around Manila all day, waiting and watching for an opportunity to strike the fatal blow....



October 2011 Newsletter - Pentecost Report

In Honiara, I saw the mighty hand of God. 35,000 souls in the Solomon Islands' national soccer stadium is a sight never seen before. They sat... Read More

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Strange World of the Occult - Action Report

Dear Mum: We had another big night with about 25,000+ people attending this evening. The topic tonight, was the 'Strange World of the... Read More

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Honiara Campaign - Action Report

30,000 Plus Attend Nightly The people seem to go as far as the eye can see. It is literally a sea of faces. We're talking about the crowds... Read More

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September 2011 Newsletter - Countdown To Honiara Campaign Begins

Dear Friend, As you read this letter, the countdown will have started for a giant outdoors campaign for Christ in the tropical South... Read More

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September DVD Special

The Carter Report is running a September Special of one of our popular products: “This I Believe” Series.   Read More

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August 2011 Newsletter - To The Ends of The Earth

Dear Friend, I don’t need a politician to tell me times are tough. I have eyes and ears. BUT, I have a testimony to give. When I obey God... Read More

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