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Questions & Answers With John Carter

July 01, 2020

Q: What do you think about Black Lives Matter (BLM)? A: Of course they matter, because every person is a child of God. Every life matters (ELM). Q: Do you think America is a racist country? A: Sure there is racism in America, but a racist country would not have elected Barack Obama as President. Q: Do you think Black people have been oppressed in America? A: What would you call slavery? It is one of the greatest blights upon the human race. Yes, Black...



There is a Solution to Suicides, Mass Killings, and Drug addiction

Girl Escapes Mass Killings Svetlana was a teenage girl when the Nazis came to her town in Ukraine. They marched the entire... Read More

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Will Everyone Be Saved?

Tough Questions, Plain Answers John Carter discusses ideas that risk making the modern Church irrelevant. Are... Read More

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For Such a Time as This

  QUEEN ESTHER "For such a time as this" These words were spoken by Mordecai to young Queen Esther in the... Read More

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Reflections on the Death of a Friend

As a late Autumn storm causes the fruit that survived Summer to fall to the earth, so old friends are dropping all around me. I wonder who... Read More

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Communist Leader Unwittingly Saves Evangelistic Campaign

    Just days ago, a Communist leader in Cuba canceled our evangelistic campaign in a public... Read More

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Flying Higher

A story from Down Under where it's Summer.     "But those who hope in the Lord will renew... Read More

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