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A Giant Leap Ahead

November 01, 2018

      GREAT GRACE IS CARRYING US FORWARD Exciting News Across America. "To God be the Glory, great things HE has done." We never thought it possible, but our God is the God of the impossible. The Carter Report is taking a giant leap forward. This is much bigger than we had hoped for or even prayed for! We are about to start broadcasting on 112 NEW TV stations across America. Yes, that’s correct, 112 new television stations across the...



May 2011 - Seeing is Believing

Dear Partner, A famous radio speaker was urging his committee to move out by faith and launch a great evangelistic outreach.  “But,”... Read More

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These are some of the most amazing and thrilling words ever spoken! The Old Testament gives us the prophecy from the prophet Isaiah in... Read More

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April 2011 Newsletter - PROPHECY ALERT

Dear Friend, I have seen the results of Chernobyl in Ukraine. I have seen the deformed babies, the cancers, the sinister poisoning of... Read More

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March 2011 Newsletter

Dear Partner, I confess I’m just an old-fashioned Bible preacher. I’m simple enough to believe that God means what He says. He tells us... Read More

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February Newsletter 2011

Dear Friend, When you’re on a long journey with the kids in the back seat, it’s reassuring to know that you’re on course.  Sign posts... Read More

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January 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friend, It is time to think!  How many more years?  Will 2011 be the last, if not for the planet, then for you and me?  What will... Read More

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